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10 Must-Follow Breaking News Accounts on Twitter

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    1. Breaking News

    You may already be one of the 6 million followers of appropriately titled NBC News-owned Breaking News. If not, hit ’em up now.

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    2. BBC Breaking News

    The Twitter account for the British Broadcasting Corporation’s breaking news offers fast alerts about world events.

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    3. CNN Breaking News

    Comprised of tweets from the CNN.com team, this account’s stream is a mix of breaking news and retweets from other CNN accounts.

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    4. WSJ Breaking News

    If you want to stay up-to-date with business and economics, as well as general news, the WSJ is the one to watch.

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    5. Reuters Live

    During breaking news events, the Reuters team mans this account for what it calls “very frequent updates.”

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    6. CBS Top News

    Follow this CBS News branch account for “top” stories and breaking news with quickly viewable summaries.

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    7. AJELive

    Qatar-based Al Jazeera English has a breaking news account. AJELive covers world news with an emphasis on news from the developing world.

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    8. Sky News Newsdesk

    Another UK-based broadcaster, Sky News’ Twitter policy could be considered controversial, but it brings good worldwide coverage from its Newsdesk account.

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    9. ABC News Live

    ABC News’ “Live” account promises “streaming video, live-tweeted events and in-depth breaking news.”

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    10. TWC Breaking

    Finally, The Weather Channel runs a breaking news Twitter account if you want to stay informed about the atmospheric condition of the world.

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In just seven years Twitter has evolved from a microblogging social network to become, among other things, an essential source of breaking news.

Are you tuned into all the major breaking news accounts on Twitter? We have created a list of the top 10 English-language accounts we recommend following for all the latest current affairs.

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