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Everyone who starts their adventure with a virtual casino has the same problem – they don’t know very well which one is best. There is no definite answer. Online slot machines differ in many aspects. Some offer the possibility of free play, others encourage players with numerous bonuses. So how do you find a casino that will meet your expectations?

It is worth starting your search by checking the ranking of the best casinos. On our website NJ Online Casinos you can get a lot of information about games, their types, rules, payments and lots of tips on the strategy online casinos in NJ slot games. Here is the list of the best online games, extremely helpful when searching for your first casino.

Everyone who visits the Online casinos in New Jersey website can be sure that they will find something for themselves. All online slot machines we offer have a common denominator – a free game without registration. You do not need to have an account to enjoy the full functionality of slot machines. All you have to do is choose the title you are interested in, wait for the application to load and you can start playing.

No need to set up an account also means that you don’t have to pay a deposit anywhere. At the very beginning of the game you receive a certain amount in virtual currency that you use for betting. Of course, you won’t be able to cash in, here it’s all about fun.

Free  slot machines games are a great opportunity to test individual titles before you decide on a more serious casino game. The absence of any financial risk means that you can play endlessly, improving your skills. This is the best lesson and test before playing for real money, where not only luck is important, but above all a well-chosen strategy.

Free Slot Casino Games. Main advantages

By using the ranking available on our website, you can easily check the position and rating of individual casinos. The brief description highlights the most important information about each of them. This is really the first thing to look out for when choosing a particular casino.

In addition, Internet users have insight into several other aspects, such as the presence of benefits, which we marked with a large “BONUS” icon on the right. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the casino website, where you will be able to read the terms and conditions of using the promotion.

The ranking was based on the votes of other players. They are the specialists in this field. They devoted many hours playing gambling games for free. There is probably no better and more reliable expert than a longtime player.

The wide selection of titles available on our website means a multitude of possibilities. Online slot machines are great fun and we will help you take this first step. Here you will find four major  gambling games for free . We divided them into categories:

  • standard games
  • jackpot games (progressive)
  • classic games
  • most popular games.

Each of them is briefly described so that the player knows what games are in each category. After clicking one of them you will be presented with a list of titles with a miniature photo, and next to the links to casinos where these slot machines are available for free.

New players will certainly not feel lost with us. In addition to describing each game, we help our users understand gambling terminology. You can treat the mini dictionary on the website as your personal guide to the world of slot machines. We also encourage you to read casino-related articles. The numerous tips contained in them will help you make the first steps during the game of slot machines for free.

We are also openly talking about the benefits of playing virtual currency. Zero financial risk and improving your strategic skills, which will definitely be useful in real money gameplay, are by far the biggest advantages of playing  free gambling games .

Casino games without a deposit

On our home page we present the ranking of the best casinos. The list contains pages that have been checked by other players. A brief description highlighting the most important features of each will help you decide which online slot machines to play first.

Each of them has, however, one thing – no deposit gameplay. What does it mean? In a nutshell, the player has the opportunity to win real money without having to invest their money. The exact terms of the promotion are always available on the New jersey online casinos website. This is where you should go before starting the game.

Online slot machines without a deposit  are a great opportunity to test individual titles. Awareness that the currency is real money adds to the game’s attractiveness. Usually, the condition is to trade the funds several times before withdrawal is possible. This is quite understandable. Otherwise, players would choose money as soon as they first win or abuse the bonus by creating several accounts.

Protection is therefore necessary to keep the casino user for longer. Online no deposit machines  can also offer a free spins bonus. You also have to spin them several times to unlock the option to withdraw your winnings.

Each casino that we present on our site is legal and has a license. This guarantees players safety. Your personal data is protected and making deposits and withdrawals easy and quick. In case of any problems, you can always contact the support, which will respond to your complaint in a very short time.

Slots games without registration

On the net you will find a lot of websites containing rankings of games and casinos. The great advantage of our site is no need to create an account. You don’t have to register to play slot machines for free. All you have to do is choose the title you are interested in and after a while you can enjoy the exciting gameplay by using virtual currency to place bets.

So you don’t have to worry about the security of your personal data, which is usually provided for real money casinos. Gambling for free without registration  has the advantage that using them does not require providing any data. It’s mainly about having fun and checking if you like this type of entertainment.

NJ Online Casinos cares for Internet users and recommends only websites that have been previously checked. Not only your personal data is secure, but also the equipment that you will use when playing casino games for free without registration. You don’t have to worry about the installation of malware or a virus on your computer.

All slot machines for free available on our site are 100% secure. We care about the exceptional quality of services, which is why we regularly update the data on the site, and we create new helpful articles for you to help you decide about the game and facilitate navigation around the world of slot machines.

Gambling without downloading

Online gambling  presented on the site is available from your browser. There is no need to download any additional software to be able to enjoy the game on these virtual slot machines. All you have to do is select a title and wait for the animation to load. It takes literally a few seconds. What a small percentage of time compared to the next hours that you will probably spend on the game of gambling. Be warned, it’s very addictive, but it’s worth a try.

The entire database of the titles we offer is available online. You decide which casino games you want to play for free. If you don’t like one of them, you can quickly turn it off and find another one. Unlimited testing of individual titles gives players the opportunity to show off and the opportunity to improve their strategic skills that will be useful in real-world casino play. A wide database of titles is also a greater chance to find a game that suits your preferences.

In addition, all online gambling is available on mobile devices. You do not need to download any application.

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YouTube’s new policy creates uncertainty among content creators




Online streaming service, YouTube seems to have instilled fear in content creators with its newly updated Terms of Service scheduled to take effect from December 10, 2019.

Although the new terms do not change the way YouTube treats or uses content uploaded by users, it has clarified some policies that were making users get worried that their accounts could be deleted.

According to the section titled ‘Account Suspension & Termination’ with the subheading ‘Terminations by YouTube for Service Changes’, “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube reasonably believes that its provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

What this means: This means accounts of YouTubers, who aren’t making enough money nor generating enough views, may be deleted. This is one of the updates that are not in YouTube’s current policy.

The new policy gives YouTube the power to delete a creator’s account if they upload or livestream video that doesn’t pull in enough advertising revenue. It is pertinent to note that apart from content creators, YouTube could also remove accounts of viewers as the terms do not explicitly state content creators alone.

Reactions: Since the pop-up window of notification for the new policy started showing when users log on to the app, YouTube has been criticized as YouTubers have been lamenting on Twitter.

Nevertheless, some think the policy applies to users who make videos without following the rules and regulations of YouTube and so hurt the brand, instead of users who do not make enough money for the company.

napkin 252@napkin_yaboi


Starting around December 10th, YouTube’s new terms of service basically says if your channel doesnt make enough money, it has a chance of being terminated. this is legit unacceptable, i dont use that word often. spread the word please

View image on Twitter

5313:58 – 10 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy40 people are talking about this

Tori Wesley@WesleyTori

YouTube is deleting channels that don’t make enough money (or any money at all) as of December 10. This takes away our freedom of expression, and I will not stand for it! …As of December 10th, YouTube will add a new policy to their terms of service.According to these new terms, if you do not make enough revenue (or none at all) for YouTube, your account will be deleted. This means that… If you run a small channel, your account will be…weirdmixofweirdness.tumblr.com317:24 – 10 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacySee Tori Wesley’s other Tweets

Bunty(Thanksgiving Month)ジョシュア@GalacticalCrew


I wanna let yall know that in reality, they have the right to take your account down if they no longer make money, so we’re ok.1016:50 – 10 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacySee Bunty(Thanksgiving Month)ジョシュア’s other Tweets

 ADG  @captain_adg

@YTCreators @YouTube @SusanWojcicki

Your new terms of service have actually revealed your true colors. There’s thousands of content creators who do this for fun, and you might actually terminate them cause they don’t give you enough money?!?!

Pitiful314:37 – 10 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacySee  ADG  ‘s other Tweets

Sophie  BM@boopstawista


@TeamYouTube Dear YouTube,

I’m pretty offended after reading your new Terms of Service.

Basically what this means is that you are terminating small accounts for no reason!

This is not acceptable and I don’t like the direction you are going at all.

-Angry YouTuber114:31 – 10 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacySee Sophie  BM’s other Tweets

Christian Maracle@MaracleMan · 9 Nov 2019

YouTube has new Terms Of Service on December 10th. This basically says that if channels don’t make enough money, THEY WILL POSSIBLY TERMINATE THEM!!!

Looks like I fought to the very end but now I may be close to losing my livelihood, losing my passion, my audience and my…

View image on Twitter


If provision of the service is no longer commercially profitable for YOUTUBE, it’s not that if you don’t make money, is if YouTube Loses money by allowing your channel to exist. It means don’t make hate videos that hurts YouTube as a brand.6320:22 – 9 Nov 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy16 people are talking about this

The company was said to have sent a mail to inform content creators first before throwing it out to the general public. This move by YouTube could either make or mar the company as it now seems it is focusing more on its biggest, most profitable creators while giving smaller creators fewer chances of monetizing their work.


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Lasers can silently issue ‘voice commands’ to your smart speakers




Laser pointers can apparently trick smart speakers, phones and tablets into following voice commands to open doors or make purchases, even from hundreds of feet away. Researchers from Tokyo and the University of Michigan have revealed that they were able to take over Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa devices by shining laser pointers or flashlights at their microphones. One of the researchers, Daniel Genkin, was also part of the team that discovered the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities.

The team has published a paper detailing the light flaw after seven months of experimentation. They were able to hijack smart speakers 230 to 350 feet away by focusing lasers using a telephoto lens. In fact, the Google Home they tricked into opening a garage door was inside a room in another building. The laser modulation they beamed at its microphone port through the window is equivalent to the voice command “OK Google, open the garage door.”

They explained that there’s a small plate called a diaphragm inside devices’ microphones that moves when hit by sound. Lasers can replicate that movement and convert it into electric signals that the device can understand. They said opening the garage door by taking over Google Home was easy to do, and they could’ve easily made online purchases, opened doors protected by smart locks and even remotely unlocked cars connected to voice AI-powered devices by using the same method.

The researchers have already notified Tesla, Ford, Amazon, Apple and Google about the issue — a move that’s highly important to get the problem fixed, since simply covering microphones with tape wouldn’t solve it. Most microphones, they said, would have to be redesigned. The team was able to hijack Google Home/Nest, Echo Plus/Show/Dot, Facebook Portal Mini, Fire Cube TV, EchoBee 4, iPhone XR, iPad 6th Gen, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 devices using the technique. It was much easier hijacking smart speakers from afar, though. The method only worked on the mobile devices from a maximum distance of 16 to 65 feet.

This is far from the first digital assistant vulnerability security researchers have discovered. Researchers from China’s Zheijiang University found that Siri, Alexa and other voice assistants can be manipulated with commands sent in ultrasonic frequencies. Meanwhile, a group from the University of California, Berkeley found that they can take over smart speakers by embedding commands, which aren’t audible to the human ear, directly into recordings of music or spoken text.


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Gender-neutral emojis hit screens in new Apple update




Apple has put out new gender neutral emojis of most of its people icons — including punks, clowns and zombies — as part of an update to its mobile operating system.

The tech giant has offered growing numbers of inclusive emoji designs in recent years, putting out a range of skin tones and occupations, with Google’s Android publishing its own non-binary faces in May.

A wheelchair, guide dog and a flexing prosthetic arm are among Apple’s latest batch — put out on Monday with the iOS 13.2 upgrade — that users can slip into messages to get their points across.

The new gender-neutral emojis differ slightly from the male and female ones.

In some, the style and colour of their clothes are changed. In others the haircuts are different and a “gender-neutral facial structure” is used, says the Emojipedia website.

The attempt at on-screen inclusivity has not pleased everyone however, with some suggesting the icons indicate how gender-nonconforming people should look.

“How do u determine that these emojis are how gender-neutrality should be represented or that these emojis even represent most gnc people,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I don’t understand why they weren’t just all neutral to begin with,” wrote another.

“Regular old smileys were neutral. I don’t know why we had to go and start gendering everything in the first place.”

When it unveiled the designs earlier this year, Apple said they would “bring even more diversity to the keyboard” and “fill a significant gap” in the selection of emojis.

“Users will now be able to select any combination of skin tone, in addition to gender,” it said.

Apple also serves up some niche offerings in the new update including a plate of falafel, a skunk and a banjo.

Businesses have paid increasing attention to becoming more inclusive in recent times.

Toymaker Mattel, for example, released gender-neutral dolls last month with none of the curves or large muscles of the traditional Barbie or GI Joe, while many small fashion brands and make-up companies are marketing non-binary products.


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