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6 Latest Smart Home Trends!

When talking about smart home technology it may sound like we are describing a scene from some futuristic movie. However, it is no longer science fiction. The Internet of things is real and it keeps evolving. New gadgets that once were part of our imagination are now being developed every day. In this article, we gathered 6 latest trends in smart homes.


Improved home security is the number one reason why people decide to use smart technology. Smart security systems have a lot to offer – from fire, gas, and flood alarms, remote control, 24/7 monitoring to customer support. You can compare and find out the top rated home security systems at FindReviews.


Smart locks are designed to only let in those who have a specially provided code. What is great is that smart locks can be controlled remotely. The latest models offer WiFi connectivity. The entrance and exit information is logged by the system and can be checked on your phone. It means that you can see who came into your home and left it, as well as when exactly they did so. Another way to control the smart locks is with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice commands.


Smart cameras offer much more than usual video surveillance. They have built-in motion sensors that detect when someone is trespassing your property. Then, an alert is sent to your smartphone so that you can either see what is happening in real-time or opt to record it and watch it later. With this information at your disposal, you can instruct the system to turn on the spotlight outside or even activate a siren, if needed. Additionally, with a “smart imaging” feature, smart cameras are able to recognize a specific person.

They are also useful in kitchens as they can recognize food. In its turn, it allows your oven to set the required temperature and cooking time for the dish.


Another technology that uses cameras is a smart video doorbell. The cameras are built-in and offer high-quality resolution no matter what time of day it is outside. These gadgets include a motion trigger and not only allow you to view live video, but to also communicate with the visitors from any room in your home. What makes it better is that they are really easy to install.


The latest smart vacuum cleaners have so many cool features that cleaning will never be the same. They show the battery status, remind you to clean the filter, have built-in app and voice control and camera-based navigation, which makes them detect the type of surface you are cleaning. And some models can even empty their own dustbins and filter the air while cleaning. Read more here about vacuums and when to replace them.


Modern smart bulbs connect to your home wifi, support voice commands from Google Assistant and Alexa, inform you how much power is being used. With smart lighting installed in your home, you can control the intensity of light, the colors, and even set up a schedule for your porch light and lamps inside. 


As you can see, there is a lot of exciting technology that not only makes our homes smarter and convenient, but protected as well. With so many gadgets already created, there is still so much room for more inventions. And we cannot wait to see what new devices and cool features will be available in the near future.


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