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6 tricks to make your mobile phone battery last longer

One of the most frustrating things any mobile user in Nigeria can experience is the constant alert of “Low Battery”.

Well, this can be mitigated by carrying a power bank around, but what if there is a way to prevent it in the first place.

Here are some tips to make your phone battery last longer:

Manage your connectivity

Mobile data is the most consuming of all connectivity on a mobile phone. WiFi consumes lesser, while Bluetooth may also consume more ― not as much as mobile data. To conserve your battery, always switch off all/any connectivity whenever they are not in use.

Use 2G if possible

This can be funny, especially as the world is moving towards 5G broadband. When you are in an area with a good cellular network and you are not doing anything that will require a strong internet connection on your phone, switch your network to 2G or 3G. It makes the phone battery last longer.

To put things in a better perspective, WhatsApp messaging can be efficiently done over a 2G/3G broadband. However, don’t try this when you need to perform actions like YouTube streaming. It is advisable to use 4G as it processes data faster and save the time and battery 3G would use in trying to load contents.

Get a smaller phone

Phone call is another feature on smartphones that consume battery. Get a smaller phone to take the load off your major gadget which can be reserved for all internet activities.

Don’t use while charging

Forget about the fear of electrocution (which is debatable anyway). Using your phone while charging makes the battery overheat and this may affect the recharge cycle of the battery and ultimately the battery life span.

Avoid weak WiFi connection

The weaker a WiFi connection, the more battery your phone is likely to use to power the connection. A stronger WiFi will allow your phone to load contents faster, while a weak signal will perform otherwise. You may end up burning more battery than data. However, WiFi will always consume a lesser battery than a 4G connection.

Reduce/Sleep background apps

Background apps drain the battery. Always sleep apps that are not in use. You can check your phone settings to perform this action. Some Apps like Chrome browser are not expected to be running in background. WhatsApp is understandable since you will always want to be kept abreast of latest messages.

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