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8 Life Hacks: How to Get Free Internet Apps

What is the one thing that can help you get through your day? If it’s not coffee, then the answer might be free Internet apps. Another great addition is the hot tub. Using apps while soaking in hot water is an excellent start to the day. To keep your jacuzzi clean, check out hot tub vacuum Canada – the best helper for this task.

So in this article, we will share 8 life hacks that will teach you how to get free Internet apps on your phone.

How to get free Internet apps

There are many ways to get free Internet apps. Here are eight of the best methods:

Paid Apps Gone Free

One of the best ways to get free apps is to take advantage of paid apps that have gone free. Many developers will offer their apps for free for a limited time to boost downloads and visibility.

To find out which paid apps have gone free, check out websites like AppShopper or Apps Gone Free. These sites list apps that have been discounted or made free for a limited time.

Be sure to check the app’s price before downloading, as some apps that are listed as “free” may still require in-app purchases.


GetJar is one of the oldest app stores out there and probably also one of the most popular ones. The great thing about GetJar is that it offers a wide range of apps, from the most popular to more obscure ones. It’s also totally free to use, which is always a bonus.

One downside of GetJar, however, is that the selection can be a little overwhelming. It can be tricky to find the app you’re looking for, and there are quite a few ads to contend with.

Another downside is that not all apps are available on GetJar. If you’re looking for an app that’s only available on the App Store or Google Play Store, you’re out of luck.

But overall, GetJar is a great option if you’re looking for free apps.


Blackmart is an app store that offers a wide range of free apps. It’s a great option if you don’t want to spend money on apps, or if you’re looking for alternatives to the Google Play Store.

Blackmart is a great option if you want to try out different apps before you buy them. However, it’s worth noting that some of the apps available on Blackmart may not be legal to download in your country. So, use caution when downloading any app from this store.

Play Store sales

Did you know that the Play Store has a section called “sales”? This is where you can find free apps that are usually discounted. The selection changes often, so be sure to check back frequently.

It’s also worth noting that some apps are free for a limited time. So if you see an app that you like, it’s best to download it quickly before the price goes back up.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app developed by Google. It pays users in Google Play credit for completing surveys. The app is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India.

To earn rewards, users must sign up for the app and complete a profile. Once signed in, users will see a list of available surveys. Surveys typically take less than five minutes to complete.

Rewards vary based on the length and complexity of the survey. Users can expect to receive around $0.50 worth of Google Play credit for each completed survey.

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is one of the best sources for free Internet apps. Not only does it have a wide selection of apps, but many of them are quite good.

One great thing about the Amazon Appstore is that it’s pre-installed on all Kindle Fire devices. So, if you have a Kindle Fire, you already have the Amazon Appstore.

Another great thing about the Amazon Appstore is that it’s available on other devices, too. You can download the Amazon Appstore app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once you have the Amazon Appstore installed, just search for the app you want. If it’s available for free, the price will be listed as “Free.” Just tap on the Free button to download and install the app.

You can also browse by category or by Top Picks. The Amazon Appstore has something for everyone!


Mistplay is a gaming app that rewards you for playing your favorite games. You can earn points by completing tasks, watching ads, and referring friends. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, and more.

Mistplay is available for Android and iOS devices.

Use the Google Play return policy

In some cases, you can return an app and get a full refund from the Google Play Store. If you’re not happy with the app for any reason, or it doesn’t work properly on your device, you can open up a support ticket and request a refund. Keep in mind that you only have a two-week window from the time you purchase the app to request a refund, so don’t wait too long.

Alternatively, if you purchased an app that’s now available for free, you can contact Google Play support and ask for a refund. Be sure to include your order number in the email, and they should process your refund within a few days.

Advice for downloading free Internet apps

  • Be selective in the app you download

Make sure that it is a reputable source and that the app has been reviewed by other users.

  • Check to see if the app requires any personal information before downloading

This could include your email address, phone number, or home address.

  • Read through the permissions that the app requests before downloading it

This will help you to understand what information the app will have access to once it is installed.

  • Update your device’s security settings to ensure that your data is protected

This can be done by activating a password, fingerprint scan, or facial recognition feature.

  • Delete any apps that you no longer use

This will free up space on your device and help to keep your data safe.

  • Be aware of phishing scams when downloading apps

Phishing scams are emails or websites that attempt to steal your personal information by pretending to be from a legitimate source.

  • If you have any concerns about an app, contact the developer directly for more information

Most developers are happy to answer any questions that you may have about their app.


Free Internet apps are a great way to save money on your phone bill, and there are plenty of them available. There are a few ways to get free Internet apps, and we’ve outlined them for you here.

So don’t pay for an expensive app when there are plenty of great options that are available at no cost. Use these life hacks to get the best free Internet apps out there!


People are always looking for ways to save money, and what better way to do that than with your phone? There are many Internet apps out there that you can get without paying any money. Here we will show you 8 life hacks on how to get free Internet apps for your phone.

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