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AI empowered, BOE UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution: supreme picture quality + AI intelligent control, opening new intelligent life experiences!

The 3rd Generation UB Cell Display Technology: Supreme Picture Quality

High Ambient Perception Contrast Ratio: With low scattering and low reflection materials, the screen reflectivity is controlled to be lower than 0.7%, and the screen presents the ultimate black visual perception. When the ambient brightness is 100 Lux (similar to the living room) and the display brightness is 500nit, the UB Cell’s ambient perceived contrast ratio is 1400:1, which is several times higher than that of a conventional OLED TV (around 400:1), making it easier for users to obtain the delicate light and shadow depth visual experiences.

Ultra-high Color Gamut, Full Viewing Angle No Color Shift: With SAP pixel design and STW Viewing Angle Compensation Technology 2.0, the display transmittance rate is increased by 30% and the color gamut coverage reaches 95% BT.2020. The ultra-wide view angle screen presents rich colors and high color accuracy, which brings the ultimate brilliant visual enjoyment for family use, and lets every member of the family enjoy the same extraordinary viewing experience together.

High-speed Refresh Rate, Fast and Smooth: With EPQ image quality enhancement technology and HSR refresh rate doubling technology combination, high resolution and refresh rate video of 4K 120Hz/HSR 240Hz (max. 4K 165Hz/HSR 330Hz) can be stably outputted. Easily cope with the hard-core requirements of shooting, car racing, and other 3A games in terms of image quality and smoothness of the display.

AI Intelligent Control: New Intelligent Experience

Light & Temperature Sensor, Assists Image Quality Improvement: Six light sensors and one temperature sensor are integrated in the display, which can dynamically monitor the environmental brightness, color temperature, panel temperature and indoor ambient temperature. Based on the real-time data collected and application modes, such as TV, movie, and gallery, the TV can dynamically adjust the backlight brightness, color temperature, circuit settings, driving voltage and other parameters to ensure that the visual shock of the supreme picture quality is presented in front of the user’s eyes.

Dynamic Local Refresh, Intelligent Power Saving: The display panel hardware supports “Dynamic Local Refresh (DLR)” function, which can dynamically adjust the refresh rate of the display panel at any position and arbitrary area size based on the display content to reduce power consumption. For example, when the panel middle area displaying picture maintains normal refresh, while the black area being adjusted to the extremely low refresh rate of 1Hz, dynamic local refresh can reduce the power consumption of the display by up to 50%.

AI Assistant, Xiao E Voice Interactive Control: UB Cell G.3 AI TV is equipped with “BOE AI TV Digital Assistant” voice interactive control system, which can recognize the functional commands through voice, and realize the functions of switching between display modes, acquiring sensor data, interacting with the environment, and reading information of power consumption and panel parameters, etc. The system is based on BOE self-developed end-side offline speech recognition algorithms and trained by the ASR context training model. The speech recognition correction rate reaches 95%, and delay can be as low as 50 milliseconds.

With “Supreme Picture Quality + AI Intelligent Control”, UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution can not only serves as a social center for family entertainment, but also a pivotal human-computer interaction interface in the smart home based on its intelligent and energy-saving attributes. In the future, BOE will keep focus on application scenarios, empower more display terminals with “AI+” and “Sensor+”, and bring super AI visual experience feast of to the hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

Display Everywhere

With the advent of “Display Everywhere” era, BOE, as a global IoT innovation company, is continuously empowering diversified application scenario innovation with cutting-edge and groundbreaking display technologies, and building the “Powered by BOE” industrial value ecosystem. In the future, BOE will continue to join hands with partners around the world, under the strategy of ” Empower IoT by Display “, to deepen the integration of display technology with IoT technology and digital technology, lead the industry development and bring consumers a better life experience.

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