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Android update – A long-awaited Google feature may finally be coming to your phone

Android is Google’s operating system that is harnessed by billions of devices across the globe.

The software typically receives a substantial numbered upgrade once a year.

Android was last updated back in August when Google released version 9 Pie.

The new iteration of the mobile platform introduced a number of new features such as Adaptive Battery and fresh navigation gestures to improve the user experience overall.

One of the most notable functions was dubbed “Slices” and promised to show contextual information when users type information into the Google Search bar.

When the tech behemoth announced the new feature, it used the example of someone searching for a taxi in a Google Search.

As the user typed the relevant keywords into Google, a taxi application installed on the user’s device would appear.

From there, the user would instantly be able to perform certain app actions such as requesting a taxi to get them home, all from the Google Search application.

The purpose of Slices appears to be removing the need to open third-party applications, instead allowing users to perform actions from within a Google Search.

Discussing the tool, the Mountain View firm said: “Later this fall, we’ll also roll out Slices (pie…slices…get it?!) which shows relevant information from your favourite apps when you need it.

“If you start typing ‘Lyft’ into Google Search, you’ll see a ‘slice’ of the Lyft app, showing prices for your ride home and the ETA for a driver so you can take action more quickly and easily.”

Although Google initially stated Slices would arrive for users last year, it failed to debut in full.

But now 9to5Google has noted the new feature appears to finally be making its way to Google Pixel devices.

The outlet showed images of the feature in action to showcase its functionality.

Android update

It appears the Slices feature is finally arriving for Android devices (Image: Google)

Android update

An example was shown where the user had typed “Bluetooth” into a Google Search.

In addition to listing options such as “Bluetooth speakers” and “Bluetooth digital cameras”, the app also provided users with a prompt to switch their device’s Bluetooth on and off.

Moreover, the Android fan was also given the option to adjust which devices their hardware was connected to.

9to5Google noted the activation of Slices appears to be courtesy of a “server-side update”, suggesting it will gradually make its way to all Android devices.

While Google has insisted Slices should be available for devices running Android 4.4 or above, the outlet said it was only able to see the new feature in products running version 9 Pie.


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