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Breaking News: CP+ 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Fears



PetaPixel has learned that the CP+ 2020 expo in Japan—one of the largest photo industry trade shows in the world—has been cancelled due to fears over the recent coronavirus outbreak. An official announcement from the show is expected shortly. (UPDATE: Confirmed)

We were tipped off to the news earlier this evening when social media consultant and friend of the site Simon Pollock tweeted, “Very sorry to hear that CP+ has been cancelled. Damn you #CoronaVirus Damn you…”the first one is this Hashtag which has
been trending on on twitter and the Hash

Simon Pollock@gtvone

Very sorry to hear that CP+ has been cancelled. Damn you #CoronoVirus Damn you…12:14 AM – Feb 14, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Simon Pollock’s other Tweets

We followed up with Pollock, who confirmed the news for us, though he asked that the original source be kept confidential.

As of this writing, CP+ hasn’t made the news official, though we’re keeping a close eye on their newsroom and Twitter account, and one is expected very shortly. The most recent Coronavirus update from the show was posted on February 5th, when the expo revealed that they were concerned, but moving forward.

“The CP + Secretariat strives to collect the latest information and is considering specific countermeasures. Also, strengthening coordination with the venues Pacifico Yokohama, Osanbashi Hall and related administrative organizations, and we will strive to respond appropriately,” reads the roughly translated statement. “At this stage, we are preparing for the event while paying close attention to the situation, and CP+ 2020 will be held.”

The statement, which you can find here, said that the show’s organizers were planning to put hand sanitizing stations at every entrance and exit, and “strongly recommends” that attendees wear a mask. It ends with a link to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which states that Coronavirus “is not currently recognized as an epidemic in Japan.”

Unfortunately, the news that CP+ 2020 will not be happening is not surprising. With Japan’s proximity to the disease epicenter in China, and the precedent set by the cancellation of MWC 2020 just yesterday, many felt that it was only a matter of time before organizers pulled the plug on CP+ 2020.

We will update this article as soon as there is official confirmation that the show will not go on.

UPDATE: CP+ confirmed the news moments ago in a tweet that reads (Google Translated):

Notice of the cancellation of CP + 2020
As the prospects for effective remedies and countermeasures against the new coronavirus are uncertain, the health and safety aspects of the visitors are considered first, and as a result, the event will be held in Pacifico Yokohama for four days from February 27. We have decided to cancel the planned CP + 2020.


新型コロナウイルスへの有効治療薬や対処法の先行きが見通せない中、来場される皆様の健康や安全面などを第一に考えました結果、2月27日から4日間、パシフィコ横浜で開催を予定していたCP+2020の中止を決定いたしました。 …6,9553:04 AM – Feb 14, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy10.8K people are talking about this

The tweet is linked to an official cancellation announcement, which you can read here. The rough translation reads:

Decision to cancel CP + (CP +) 2020

The Camera and Imaging Products Association of Japan (CIPA: Masaya Maeda)

Visitors and exhibitors amid uncertain prospects for effective treatments and remedies for coronavirus. As a result of putting the health and safety aspects of stakeholders first, we have decided to cancel CP + 2020, which was scheduled to be held in Ko-Yokohama.

With CP +, visitors can actually pick up the latest camera and related equipment and feel the operation. The biggest feature of this show is that it is a consumer-friendly show. At this time, it is not possible to eliminate the risk of infecting about 70,000 unspecified number of visitors.

The JRA considers it important to avoid such risks, and unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the event.


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Mercedes engineers help deliver pandemic crisis device in under 100 hours




Mercedes has played a pivotal role in helping to produce a key device in the battle against the coronavirus.

The team’s High Performance Powertrains [HPP] department, in conjunction with mechanical engineers at University College London [UCL] and clinicians at University College London Hospitals [UCLH], have developed a breathing aid that can help keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care.00:2200:59

Known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), the device has been used extensively in hospitals in Italy and China to help coronavirus patients with serious lung infections to breathe more easily, when oxygen alone is insufficient.

The first breathing aid was produced in under 100 hours following an initial meeting. One hundred devices are to be delivered to UCLH for clinical trials, followed by the delivery of thousands in a rapid roll-out to hospitals around the country ahead of the predicted surge in Covid-19 hospital admissions.

Professor Tim Baker, of UCL Mechanical Engineering, said: “Given the urgent need, we are thankful that we were able to reduce a process that could take years down to a matter of days.

“From being given the brief, we worked all hours of the day, disassembling and analysing an off-patent device. Using computer simulations, we improved the device further to create a state-of-the-art version suited to mass production.

“We were privileged to be able to call on the capability of Formula One – a collaboration made possible by the close links between UCL Mechanical Engineering and HPP.”

Mercedes’ assistance is part of ‘Project Pitlane’, a collaboration between seven UK teams – Red Bull, Racing PointHaas, Mercedes, McLarenRenault and Williams – who have answered the call of the UK government for assistance in the development and manufacture of ventilators.

HPP managing director Andy Cowell said: “The Formula One community has shown an impressive response to the call for support, coming together in the ‘Project Pitlane’ collective to support the national need at this time across a number of different projects.

“We have been proud to put our resources at the service of UCL to deliver the CPAP project to the highest standards and in the fastest possible timeframe.”


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Microsoft Bows to Pressure, Ends External Investment into Facial Recognition Startups Due to Limited Control




Computer software and hardware company, Microsoft has decided to suspend minority investment into startups developing facial recognition technology. This suspension comes after the tech giants, under heavy pressure, backed out of AnyVision, its last portfolio company developing facial recognition.

AnyVision is an Israeli startup. According to an audit initiated by Microsoft’s venture arm, M12 and carried out by former US Attorney-General, Eric Holder and an international law firm, Covington and Burling LLP, AnyVision’s facial recognition technology was being used by the Israeli government in surveillance of Palestinians along the West Bank.

While AnyVision wasn’t implicated by the report for powering a mass surveillance programme in the West Bank and as such does not contravene the pledge the startup signed with M12, pressure was however mounting from both Palestinian, Jewish and American authorities to drop the startup.

Bowing to pressure after seeing the ultimate need to do so, Microsoft decided to cut ties with, not just AnyVision, but all minority investments developing sensitive tech.

By making a global change to its investment policies to end minority investments in companies that sell facial recognition technology, Microsoft’s focus has shifted to commercial relationships that afford Microsoft greater oversight and control over the use of sensitive technologies.M12 said in a release

Regulating the application of Facial Recognition

The issue of regulations and policies surrounding facial recognition and other sensitive technology has been one which big tech companies like Microsoft have been unable to resolve with government and its agencies. And Microsoft has always been at the forefront in the fight to make solid regulations guiding the use of these technologies.

Microsoft Ends External Investment in Facial Recognition Starups Worldwide
Brad Smith

As far back as 2018, Microsoft president, Brad Smith had been calling on the US government to make clear and solid regulations to govern the use of these sensitive technologies. When his appeals seemed to fall on deaf ears, the president, alongside his board, decided to create their own regulations, tagging them ‘principles’.

“We and other tech companies need to start creating safeguards to address facial recognition technology,” Mr Smith said. “After substantial discussion and review, we have decided to adopt six principles to manage these issues at Microsoft. We are sharing these principles now, with a commitment and plans to implement them by the end of the first quarter in 2019.”

These six Microsoft principles guiding its application, use and by extension, investment in facial recognition technology are: fairness, transparency, accountability, non-discrimination, notice and consent, and lawful surveillance.

Difficulty controlling minority investments

With its six principles laid out, Microsoft could control, not only how it deploys its own facial recognition technologies, but also how its portfolio companies developing the technology deploys it.

The problem, however, is controlling companies where it only has minority stakes or investments is not feasible. Thus, while it would share in the blame when such companies default, it couldn’t really do much to make them conform to its principles.

Access Bank's Revolutionary Face Payment Technology May Hit the Market Soon

Thus for the purpose of its image the sensible thing to do would be to walk away. Which is exactly what the company is doing.

“For Microsoft, the audit process reinforced the challenges of being a minority investor in a company that sells sensitive technology, since such investments do not generally allow for the level of oversight or control that Microsoft exercises over the use of its own technology,” Microsoft said in its statement.

Facial recognition technology is one of those areas in tech considered as delicate. This is because of its close association with personal information and tracking which could easily violate the laws of privacy, enables stalking and even espionage.

Since its establishment in 2016, Microsoft’s ventures arm, M12 has been involved in 353 funding rounds and investing nearly $5 billion into its portfolio companies.


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Sports Fans Get Ready as Wizkid Gives Away TECNO Camon 15 During Online Launch




It is getting closer and closer to the TECNO CAMON 15 series online launch day, and more information has been leaked.

Many subscribers have even received a phone invitation from Wizkid himself! We heard that Wizkid will attend the unprecedented online launch, and there will be surprise gifts offered by Wizkid.

Sound exciting?

There are numerous reasons that you should check out the CAMON 15 online launch–here are four of the most compelling ones!

It’s the first-ever smartphone online launch in Africa

History is being made! The online launch of a smartphone is unprecedented in Africa, and TECNO proudly presents its new smartphone CAMON 15 as a pioneer in the industry.

It’s not only an excellent opportunity for TECNO to communicate with the audience directly, but it also means that the Internet in Africa is coming to a new phase. It is a great pleasure and honour to see the latest technological progress in the 2020s.

Music fans–Wizkid will be there waiting for you

One of the most popular idols from Nigeria, whose music has accumulated over 128 million views on YouTube, the talented singer and songwriter Wizkid is also a fan of TECNO smartphones!

Wizkid will apparently be present at the online launch and will be giving away gifts to some lucky viewers. Are you wondering about the collaboration between Wizkid and the TECNO CAMON 15? We will learn more soon!

During the launch event, TECNO will introduce the new technology featured on its phone

As a high-tech company, TECNO strives to constantly lead the frontier of the smartphone industry. Featured the top-quality camera on the market in CAMON 15, the company utilized the latest technology innovations such as a SONY chip 64 megapixels, and TAIVOS™ (TECNO AI Vision Optimization) in their product to increase the camera’s performance.

The CAMON 15 specializes in night-time photography; the strong computational support reduces the noise in the image in low light environments, increasing the photo quality significantly.

The SONY camera is also able to detect minute details from 30 meters away, it enhances the image definition and keeps a refined vision even after zooming in for 8 times.

No matter whether you are a technology geek or have a casual interest in smartphone technology, you will learn a lot from the online launch because TECNO will give you a full presentation on their newest and most cutting-edge technology.

You will have access to all the information you need before you buy your next smartphone

Think about buying a new smartphone but are overwhelmed by the many choices on the market? Find it hard to decide? We understand your struggle. In order to make good purchasing decisions, you need to make informed purchasing decisions, and that’s part of why watching the online launch will be so interesting for you! Simply stay at home and watch it on Channels Television and Startimes Zone, it is so easy to make it! The more information you get, the more you understand the product and what to expect from it. You will also get to understand CAMON 15 in every regard. Don’t miss the chance to make a smart choice!

TECNO has made a truly big move this time.


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