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Chrome, Mozilla extensions scoop users’ data

“Even if you did not have one of the extensions, you may not be immune to the data leak,” said Jadali.

“If you or someone with whom you communicated with online had one of the invasive extensions installed on your computer, you may have been impacted by the DataSpii leak.”

Google and Mozilla have disabled the browser extensions in Chrome and Forefox, claiming they breach their policies, so they are no longer available for download.

However, if you already have one installed on your browser, it may continue to harvest your data.

(Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

In order to stop the data collection, Jadali recommends uninstalling the extensions immediately – disabling them may not be enough.

As a precaution, if you have downloaded one of the identified extensions, you should also consider changing your passwords. 

The full list of browser extensions is below:

  • Hover Zoom (Chrome) – 800,000+ users – enlarges images
  • SpeakIt! (Chrome) – 1.4+ million users – converts text to speech
  • SuperZoom (Chrome and Firefox) – 329,000+ users – enlarges images
  • Helper (Firefox) – ≤140,000 users – makes downloading easier
  • FairShare Unlock (Chrome and Firefox) – 1+ million users – provides free access to premium content
  • PanelMeasurement (Chrome) – 500,000+ users – helps users find market research surveys
  • Branded Surveys (Chrome) – 8 users – offers rewards for completing online surveys
  • Panel Community Surveys (Chrome) – 1 user – offers rewards for completing online surveys


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