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Dozens of Phones to Lose WhatsApp Support Due to Outdated Software

WhatsApp to Drop Support for Several Old Smartphones Soon

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp will cease supporting many older smartphones in the coming period, potentially impacting millions of users. According to a new report, over 35 mobile models spanning various brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola and others will lose the ability to use WhatsApp due to outdated software and hardware.

Dating hardware and software specifications are the core reason why certain devices will no longer be compatible with the updated WhatsApp experience. Major tech companies typically provide software updates for their devices for 2-3 years before yanking support. As WhatsApp continuously optimizes features for newer operating systems like Android and iOS, older phones get left behind due to incompatibility issues.

The list of affected smartphones includes some models that were flagship devices not long ago, such as the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and original iPhone SE. Other prominent models losing support are assorted Motorola Moto and Lenovo phones, along with various Huawei and LG devices no longer sold in global markets. Most budget Android phones still on Android 4.0 or older are also at risk of losing access overtime.

For consumers using one of the phones mentioned above, it’s recommended to upgrade to a newer smartphone soon to continue using WhatsApp without disruptions. Backing up chat histories on Google Drive is also advised in case data transfer during an upgrade proves problematic after support ends. While frustrating for owners of older hardware, planned obsolescence is a unavoidable element of the tech industry’s rapid pace of innovation.


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