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Facebook Ads get Cross-device Conversion Tracking

Cross-device reporting is now available for Facebook adverts, giving marketers a tool to view the various steps a consumer takes en route to making a purchase.

Facebook says that users of the new reporting feature will be able to see how many customers clicked an ad on an iPhone and then converted on a desktop, or perhaps even vice versa.

In some recent Facebook research, the social network discovered that more than 32% of US users who displayed an interest in a mobile ad went on to convert on a desktop in the next 28 days.

Conversion Pixel

The new reporting is said to combine data from Facebook Conversion Pixel and Facebook SDK, which TellApart CEO Josh McFarland calls a “game changer” for the consumer insights it yields.

“Tracking click and conversion data deterministically across devices has confirmed what we know to be true: mobile ads drive commerce everywhere,” McFarland said.

“This new reporting from Facebook has been a game-changer in our ability to help clients like Neiman Marcus and Sur La Table correctly value and invest in their mobile ads efforts.”

To get the new cross-device conversions for campaigns feature, marketers should head to Facebook Ad Reports, click Edit Columns and then select Cross-Device on the left-hand menu.


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