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Facebook’s dark mode has landed on more Android phones – check yours now

We’ve known for some time that Facebook is working on bringing a dark mode its mobile app, and there have already been tests that meant some people gained early access to the option. Now dark mode is rolling out to a large pool of users.

If you’re tired of being blinded by your phone when you check Facebook at night, this will be a welcome addition to the social networking app.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has already started to show signs of dark mode for mobile users, while on the web people are able to turn to a browser extension to gain darker hues. Following on from tests with small groups of users, the company is now testing its official dark mode with more people.

Android Police says it’s received numerous reports from people about being able to access dark mode, but it does seem that there is still work to be done. And with Facebook remaining tight-lipped about a its planned schedule, we can only speculate about when there will be a full-scale rollout.

Unfinished feature

At the moment it still appears that dark is very much a work in progress. People who have been lucky enough to gain access to the feature report that it seems to be unfinished, with the app switching between dark and normal modes in either different sections, or just at random.

While dark mode may not yet be quite ready for the big time, it’s clear that Facebook is busy working on perfecting it, so hopefully it won’t be too long until everyone can try it out for themselves.




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