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Firm introduces new cyberthreat detection service

Sophos, a global leader in network and endpoint security, has announced the availability of a fully managed threat hunting, detection and response service, called Sophos Managed Threat Response.

The firm said the re-sellable service would provide organisations with a dedicated 24/7 security team to neutralise the most sophisticated and complex threats.

According to a statement, these threats include active attackers leveraging fileless attacks and administrator tools such as PowerShell to escalate privileges, exfiltrate data and spread laterally.

“Attacks like these are difficult to detect since they involve an active adversary using legitimate tools for nefarious purposes, and Sophos MTR helps eliminate this threat,” it said.

The Chief Technology Officer at Sophos, Joe Levy, said cybercriminals were adapting their methods and increasingly launching hybrid attacks that combined automation with interactive human ingenuity to more effectively evade detection.

He said, “Once they gain a foothold, they’ll employ ‘living off the land’ techniques and other deceptive methods requiring human interaction to discover and disrupt their attacks.

“For the most part, other managed detection and response services simply notify customers of potential threats and then leave it up to them to manage things from there.

“Sophos MTR not only augments internal teams with additional threat intelligence, unparalleled product expertise, and round-the-clock coverage, but also gives customers the option of having a highly trained team of response experts take targeted actions on their behalf to neutralise even the most sophisticated threats.”


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