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Google Chrome will soon make it easer to access payments and passwords

One of the major reasons a lot of people use the Chrome web browser is because of the seamless experience they get while in use. Features like single tap log in, continuity, password manager and more, keep people integrated into the browser. Google is now making it easier for Chrome users to access payment details and passwords without having to sync.

Chrome users now can sign in to the browser with a single tap, without the need to re-enter credentials or sync. With this, the company has said that it will become simpler and more intuitive for users to access their Google Account information in Chrome.

This new feature will be made available to all Chrome users within the coming weeks. After the update, all users will have seamless access to their payment details and passwords irrespective of whether they had synced or not.

While saving a new password on Chrome, users will be prompted if they want to save it on the device or their Google Account. Saving in the Google Account will allow them to access the password across all their devices, which have the email ID logged in. This feature is aimed at providing users with more flexibility over having access to passwords saved to their Google Accounts.

For Android users signing in to Chrome using the single tap option, they will be able to autofill payment methods and passwords stored in their Google Account without the need to sync. For security purposes, Chrome will ask users to confirm the card’s CVV or authenticate via biometrics. Users will also be able to save new card information to their Google account and make it available across all of their devices.

Apart from this, Google is also rolling out its password generation feature for Chrome to more users. The feature lets users create secure passwords and save them directly onto Chrome.


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