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Google’s working on a fix for bricking issues plaguing Pixel 6 phones – here’s what you need to know

Reports have recently surfaced online from Pixel 6 owners stating their device suddenly bricked after performing a factory reset. Doing so causes an error message to appear stating the Android system cannot be loaded and that the data on the smartphone may be corrupt.

This isn’t a unique problem exclusive to the standard model, though. Various Reddit posts show the Pixel 6a and the Pixel 6 Pro are being affected as well, while older and newer Pixel lines seem to be operating just fine. The error message recommends performing another reset to erase all of the user data. But, according to YouTuber OF Tech, who experienced this issue on his device, resetting it a second time doesn’t work. The phone remains inoperable. OF Tech eventually shared his experience on the Pixel Phone Help page, claiming he attempted other fixes, although none worked. He tried using Google’s very own Android Flash Tool which failed because his Pixel 6 is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) locked.


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