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HARMONYOSHarmonyOS ecosystem devices surpassed 800 million units: Huawei Chairman

Huawei Summer 2024 new product launch conference is now live and the Chairman of the Consumer Business Group Yu Chengdong began the event by drawing attention to HarmonyOS ecosystem devices that have surpassed 800 million units so far.

Yu Chengdong mentioned that Huawei is steadily moving towards a true and independent software ecosystem. This ultimately helped HarmonyOS ecosystem devices to exceed 800 million units, expanding the software facilities to more users.

The executive adds that the HarmonyOS brand awareness has increased by 88% among native consumers. Also, the company continues to release better HarmonyOS software versions that can enhance the user experience with excellent features.

Huawei recently introduced HarmonyOS 4.2 and even started serving the official version to its top flagship models. The OEM aligned 180 devices in the new upgrade list that will taste the 4.2 build flavor and its capabilities in the time ahead.

HarmonyOS devices 800 million

180 Huawei devices will upgrade to HarmonyOS 4.2 (Image Credits: Huawei)

Further input reveals that within a month, over 20 million users upgraded to newest HarmonyOS build. This has further shown an increase of 11% in terms of user satisfaction. Hence, HarmonyOS is not only winning over its rivals but users’ hearts as well.

“…180 devices can be upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.2 one after another, covering mobile phones, tablets, watches, smart screens, etc. In just one month, more than 20 million users have upgraded and raised the satisfaction level by 11%.”

It is just the beginning and we may witness more development and growth at the HDC 2024 event where Huawei will unveil the HarmonyOS NEXT beta version for consumers. New features and experiences for users are on the way and will soon hit the surface.

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