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iPhone alarms mysteriously silenced overnight leaving users oversleeping

It seems many iPhone owners had an unpleasant surprise this morning, as alarms failed to ring at their scheduled times. Reports from across social media platforms indicate that hundreds of users did not receive warnings from the default Clock app.

While the specific cause remains unclear, Apple has acknowledged investigating complaints regarding silent alarms. Early clues point to a potential issue linked to the phone’s attention awareness settings. This feature controls volume and screen behavior based on user engagement, lowering alerts when the device sees active interaction.

 shared online demonstrate alarms mysteriously muting under the influence of attention awareness. However, disabling the option brings uncertainty if it truly solves the problem. Until an official patch arrives, some iPhone customers resorted to alternative notification methods like standalone clocks.

The widespread bug caught many by surprise, with high dependence on the built-in alarm for daily routines. Major disruption was witnessed among those relying on timely wakeups. Apple now works urgently to deliver a software fix addressing the glitch. In the interim, doubling up on alarms through additional devices offers a safer backup plan.

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