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Microsoft redesigns Windows Logo and hundred others

As we head towards a newer decade in few weeks time, every company is preparing hard to go with new style and Microsoft‘s Windows might just be one of those as the company just unveiled a new Windows logo along with hundreds redesigned app icons.

The redesigns were unveiled by Microsoft Office Design head, Jon Friedman who posted the redesigned logos and icons through an announcement. The consistency of the logos is one obvious thing based on the prototypes unveiled to the general public.

Even though Microsoft didn’t explicitly mention that the Windows logo was tweaked as well, one can see the OS logo in the image included in the announcement.

The entire design process took numerous testing as well as taking feedbacks from customers as the Microsoft design team finally designed the grande-finale. The design incorporates various gradients and colorful designs throughout the application icon designs which is consistent all over the icons.

As we continue to evolve our technology and roll out new icons that will reflect the future of Microsoft, our design system will also evolve to address new scenarios that we haven’t considered yet. Developing a system that encompasses the spectrum of literal to abstract while balancing product identity and the Microsoft brand is a huge challenge — but nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy.Jon FriedMan – Microsoft Office Design head

The redesign is meant to have a fluent design system across the board and according to Jon Friedman who stated that the major challenges they faced during the redesigning process includes innovating new ideals while still maintaining the familiar design customers were already used to. We will keep you posted as to when these logos starts rolling out with newer updates of the Microsoft applications and software in the very near future.


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