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MX Player now supports picture-in-picture mode

There are a lot of great video player applications for Android to choose from these days. That wasn’t always the case though. Before Plex adapted support for video playback, before development on the VLC app had even begun, a popular choice among the community was MX Player. The application still has a tremendous amount of users thanks to its continued support throughout the years and development isn’t stopping anytime soon. An update was just released that included picture-in-picture (PiP) support for Android 8.0devices and we learned that Chromecast support is in development as well.

As I mentioned, MX Player has been around a long time and it was one of the few video players that offered various features for years. We have more choices now but that enabled them to build a massive user base. One so big that the application was sold to the Indian media giant Times Internet Limited for $140 million just last year. The new owners said they were committed to the app and had plans to expand its feature set as time went on. The company kept to its word when a new UI redesign was released a couple of months later.

Some fans of MX Player have expressed their dismay about the application falling behind when it comes to certain new Android features. Among those include Chromecast support and picture-in-picture mode. The application has just had a brand new update rolled out via the Play Store that brings support for PiP mode to Android 8.0 devices. In the changelog, displayed below, you can see that the developers are also working to bring PiP mode to devices with lower versions of Android.

Not only that, but they are also working on finally bringing Chromecast support (another highly requested feature by its users) to MX Player in a future update. Sadly, we aren’t given a timeline for when either of these two new features are coming, but we will be on the lookout for them.

Credit: MarblesinthePan

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