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Neuralink’s First Human Patient Can Play Slay the Spire After 100 Days

“I’m beating my friends in games that as a quadriplegic I should not be beating them in.”

A hundred days after his surgery, Noland Arbaugh, the first human recipient of a Neuralink implant, is demonstrating significant progress. He has been effectively using his brain-computer interface (BCI) to play various popular games such as Slay the Spire and Old School RuneScape, utilizing the implant to translate his neural signals into in-game actions.

According to Neuralink’s blog article titled PRIME Study Progress Update — User Experience on its official website, in these 100 days since the operation, Arbaugh has set a new record for human BCI cursor control, achieving an impressive 8.0 bits-per-second. This measurement is used to assess the accuracy and speed of computer cursor movements controlled by a BCI.

Although there was a brief dip in the BCI’s performance due to a temporary retraction of some electrode-bearing threads from Arbaugh’s brain, Neuralink revealed that he continued to use the BCI effectively. He managed to utilize it for up to 69 hours in a single week, with about 34 hours dedicated to recreational gaming. He explains how he logged into Steam and played games there in a video shared on Twitter:

In the blog update, Arbaugh was quoted as saying:

“the games I can play now are leaps and bounds better than previous ones. I’m beating my friends in games that as a quadriplegic I should not be beating them in.”

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