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Nigeria: Blackberry Restructures, Battles Mobile Phone Ecosystem With Z3


To regain its lead position in the smart phone ecosystem, the Canadian mobile phone maker is restructuring for growth and profitability.

Just last week, the global smart phone maker introduced into the Nigerian market, BlackBerry Z3 , a product that is within the reach of an average Nigerian

BlackBerry Territory Director, East, West, Central and Southern Africa, Mr Charles Asinugo, who spoke to Technology Journalists during the introduction of the new product in Lagos said with optimism that the Canadian smart phone maker was restructuring to regain its lead position in the competitive smart phone market.

He said that the introduction of the device was part of the company’s restructuring mechanism to regain market lead in the smart phone ecosystem.

“The BlackBerry Z3 extends the BlackBerry 10 platform to a new generation of customers in Nigeria at an attractive price point and offers them more ways to securely communicate, collaborate and be productive with an experience built on reliable, secure communications.

“The device features a stylish design with a 5″ touch display, an unrivalled messaging and typing experience, exceptional battery life, is equipped with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 and is Android app compatible” , he explained.

“The core strength of BlackBerry is its security. Our devices will continue to come down in price but it does not mean that they are of low quality.

“The Nigerian market is one of the strategic markets of BlackBerry and we hope it will help us bring BlackBerry to profitability. We are back to regain the market of smart phone” he explained.

He explained that the new device was built with inbuilt battery, hence making the battery life last as long as the phone would.

“It offers them more ways to securely communicate, collaborate and be productive with an experience built on reliable, secure, communication,” he said.

He further informed that the company will unveil into the smart phone ecosystem ‘BlackBerry Passport’ in September and ‘BlackBerry Classic’ in November this year respectively.

Key features:

BlackBerry hub

The ever present BlackBerry Hub lets you access all your work and personal email, BBM, text messages, social media updates and notifications in one place, with the ability to “peek” into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere, so you’re always only one swipe away from what matters to you.

The Hub can be customized to identify priority messages and to filter the message list by various criteria that you can then activate with a simple pinch gesture.


BBM on the BlackBerry Z3 includes all the latest features of the popular mobile social network. You get BBM voice and video chatting with Screen Share and support for BlackBerry Natural Sound, letting you hear nuances and variations in tone in a BBM Voice chat, and making the conversation sound like you’re in the same room.

BlackBerry keyboard

The BlackBerry Keyboard learns what words you use and how you use them, then offers them up to you so you can type faster and more accurately. It gives you the best typing experience on a touchscreen, complete with multi-language support that lets you type in up to 3 different languages at the same time.


Through BlackBerry world customers can access applications that leverage the powerful features of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

The BlackBerry Z3 is also Androi App Compatible which means that customers can enjoy some of their favourite Android apps on the BlackBerry Z3.

Time shift & story maker

The BlackBerry Z3’s astonishing Time Shift camera feature lets you capture a group shot where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. You can also use Story Maker to bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce an HD movie that you can instantly share on YouTube.

BlackBerry 10 browser

The BlackBerry 10 browser sets the industry benchmark for HTML5 performance on smartphones, and is incredibly fast, with fluid and responsive scrolling and zooming. The browser includes many advanced features, supports multiple tabs, lets you browse sites privately, includes a reader mode, and integrates with the platform for easily sharing content. You can even save web pages for later viewing.

Instant previews & reply now

Be more timely and responsive with Instant Previews that bring BBM, SMS and email message to you no matter what you are doing on your BlackBerry Z3.

Fast, easy sharing

The BlackBerry Z3 learns how you share and who you share with, helping you reduce the number of steps and amount of time it takes to get your files, photos, or documents to where they need to go.

FM radio

The new BlackBerry Z3 includes a built-in FM radio. You can listen to local FM stations, which does not require any network connection.

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