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Online Professional Training Institutes all set to raise global GDP by a fat margin!

Did you know that about 15 lakh engineering graduates come out of colleges to compete for the job market in India? Most of them are not fit for engineering jobs and do away with something not related to their field. Around only 5% of them are actually employable in IT sectors. The graduates are very high and there aren’t enough jobs indicating a severe gap. Moreover, traditional civil, mechanical jobs are extremely difficult to get. It is followed by computer science jobs of both hardware and software along with electronic engineering vacancies. The plight of millenials is not different in BFSI (banking financial services industry), life sciences, humanities, and arts in India. The story of the rest of the world is not so different. The developed world will have a shortage of 40 million skilled people by 2020. Major reason for this is the huge requirement for knowledge professionals and skilled workers. 41% of companies in developed world already complain that they have trouble finding skilled talent. But there is an apt solution for it in Intellipaat training institute which provides world class training on emerging technologies.

Rub the lamp and out comes the e-learning genie

Do you know that the global market for e-learning industry was $166 billion in 2016? Can you guess what the valuation is now, in 2017? A mind boggling $255 billion and a 65% growth in a single year. This assertion is enough to state that e-learning is here to stay and thrive. According to a Survey by Global Shapers it was found that among 25,000 people 77% of them took online courses in their life. Educational universities will increasingly contend with e-learning institutes to provide quality education. E-learning will provide huge training for the students so that they are employable in service sector. It is to be noted that service sector is a large part of world’s GDP. About 63.5% of total wealth globally comes from service sector.

Professional training       

Among these online training, professional training is meant for those working employees and students who are preparing for certification exams. Courses are wide ranging from foreign languages, nursing, accounting, civil services, public services and so on. There is also an emerging e-learning market that provides training on emerging technologies like big data, IoT, data science, salesforce, DevOps, business intelligence and so on. Big data is a field which has grown phenomenally and worth noting. The terms Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce will become more common to the general public as time flies. Intellipaat is a pioneer in this sphere. In the same Global Shapers survey, about half of them confessed that they would like to go for certification training even after they get jobs.

The key benefits from the online professional training are that the session could be recorded and made to play as many times as needed by the student. This can’t be expected from the traditional classroom education. Moreover the prices of these courses are considerably lower than that of the university education. On top of that the course is covered in very less time than compared to degree courses. You have to go to a two year degree on a subject say big data analytics in a prestigious college. On the other hand you can get the training which is exactly what the job industry requires form the e-learning providers say in about weeks.


As internet connectivity becomes a necessity from want so will the online training industry will prosper. Sometimes people choose convenience which online training provides like a student can literally sit in his home and learn the courses. People in remote areas but with net connectivity can avail the most upto date training on the subjects of their choice. Online training which is still considered as a tertiary form of learning is soon poised to marginally rival traditional university education. This adoption of online training will especially be taken upon by job seekers. As said earlier there is a predicted increase of 65% in e-learning industry in 2017. So the future is ripe for online training to leverage.

Author Bio:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data Online Training, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Source: Siliconindia

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