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Pimax Announces Trial Payment Model and Global Roadshow

VR Headset Manufacturer, Pimax, announces their new Trial Payment, Final Payment model and Global Roadshow.

Pimax, known for its high end, top specification VR headsets, aims to make VR more accessible with a new trial payment model. ‘Trial Payment, Final Payment‘ gives users access to Pimax’s products, including the latest Crystal Light VR Headset to try for a percentage of the full cost, to ensure you are satisfied with the product before making the final payment.

The process is made easy, with customer experience and support at the heart of the model to include a personal VIP customer service agent to assist and answer any questions you might have during the 15 day trial period. The process of using the trial payment scheme is rather straight forward. Visiting the Pimax website, selecting the product you wish to try, paying the trial payment which is the total cost minus the $200 final payment for whichever headset you choose. 15 days after your headset is delivered, the final $200 is paid and you get to keep your product. Should you wish to return your headset, Pimax takes care of the return fees, as well as your trial payment.

If you are interested in taking Pimax up on their Trial Payment, Final Payment, it is worth noting that it is only available to customers in specific countries for the initial period. These include the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as countries within the European Union.

To give users the best access to Pimax products, they are also taking a range of their products on tour around the globe so you can even try before you trial. The team will be visiting a host of locations to give the community access to their product range, including London, Oberhausen Germany, New York, Washington D.C as well as FSExpo in Las Vegas. You can find out more information about the Pimax Global Roadshow 2024 on their website.


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