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Record 99.9% quantum computing accuracy achieved on existing silicon chips

Innovations in quantum computing, such as those demonstrated by Diraq, are crucial for integrating silicon qubit devices with standard transistors.

The quantum computing world is abuzz with Diraq, an Australian startup, setting a new benchmark. By utilizing existing semiconductor infrastructure, Diraq achieved a record-breaking 99.9% single-qubit fidelity on a quantum processing device.

This device, manufactured by Imec, a research hub utilizing CMOS materials on a 300 mm silicon wafer, marks a significant leap in quantum computing accuracy using existing semiconductor infrastructure.

Diraq asserts that 99.9% fidelity represents the level of precision necessary for full-scale, error-corrected quantum computer processors manufactured on existing silicon chip foundries.

Imec’s partnership crucial for Diraq’s quantum computing breakthrough

Imec, a leading independent nanoelectronics R&D hub, played a significant role in Diraq’s achievement.

“The record demonstration was achieved using a qubit device manufactured by Imec, the world’s leading independent nanoelectronics R&D hub, based in Leuven, Belgium,” said Andrew Dzurak, CEO and Founder of Diraq.

Dzurak further expressed his enthusiasm regarding his association with Imec.

“Diraq is very excited to be working with Imec. This relationship is crucial for Diraq’s technology roadmap, through which we intend to achieve a fully error-corrected quantum computing system ahead of our competitors,” he added.

Diraq leveraged technologies such as optimized qubit initialization, real-time feedback, control voltage pulse shaping, and advanced analysis tools like gate set tomography and randomized benchmarking.

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