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Remember plus codes? Google’s now making them easier to use

Google Maps is now making it a lot easier to use a feature it gained nearly half a decade ago.

Instead of explaining to friends and couriers where your house is located, you can use a plus code.

The plus code replaces confusing long form addresses by marking an exact spot on a map. It consists of a few letters, possibly numbers too, and, well, a plus symbol.

Google Maps users could find plus codes for places or interests, restaurants and other landmarks in their descriptions within the app. Now users can find the plus code for this own address by finding their place of residence, dropping a pin, tapping on the blue dot, and viewing the code in the respective pop-up.

This options is also available when sharing addresses across apps in Android.

For those who can’t access Google Maps, the plus code is also searchable in Google, making it a nifty and compact alternative to full addresses.


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