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Secret Introduces Facebook Logins For Mobile Users, Collections On Web

Secret Introduces Facebook Logins For Mobile Users, Collections On Web

Secret Introduces Facebook Logins For Mobile Users, Collections On Web (Photo : Secret / Apple App Store )

Secret is celebrating $25million in funding by introducing two new features, Facebook Logins for Android and iOS and Secret Collections on web for a streamlined experience.

The anonymous social posting app Secret announced Monday that it has raised $25 million in a Series-B funding round from renowned investors like Index Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Garry Tan and Alexis Ohanian, SV Angel, Fuel Capital and Ceyuan Ventures, among others. This brings the total investment in the six-month old startup to nearly $36.3 million, according to CrunchBase. Secret is celebrating this success with the launch of two new features, Secret Collections for web and Facebook logins for mobile.

Secret Collections helps users sort their interests and follow a specific topic. The new feature, exclusive to the web version of the service, provides a wide range of categories including Dating, Reflections, Funny, Work, and Loss. The “Popular” category shows the most popular secrets posted on the site. When users subscribe to any Collection, they will receive new secrets from specific categories in their Explore stream, according to the company’s official post on its site, Monday.

Secret also improved its mobile app user-experience by integrating Facebook Logins. Secret said the new feature was brought to Android and iOS users due to high demand.

Secret mobile app users had to depend on the phone’s contact list to expand their streams but the introduction of Facebook Logins will further enlarge the network, helping gain more secrets to browse through. The company also assures anonymity for the new feature, as it does not store users’ public names on the servers.

“Collections and Facebook Login are just the beginning of the work we have yet to do,” the Secret team wrote in the company’s blog. “While the first six months were about us learning and perfecting the Secret experience, the rest of our first year will be focused on bringing Secret to more people, in more interesting ways.”

With the second round of funding, the market value of the company is estimated at more than $100 million, New York Times reports.

Secret app for Android and iOS is available for download from individual app stores.


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