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Sony’s PS5 Logo Reveal is Instagram’s Most Popular Gaming Post (For A Company)

The PlayStation 5 logo was revealed at CES 2020 and while it might not be winning any awards for originality, it has certainly won over fans on Instagram, as an image of the logo has been liked over five million times by fans, making it the most popular image ever uploaded by a video game company. Microsoft and Nintendo have kept shaking up the names of their systems with varying degrees of success, but Sony has used the same naming convention with all of its home consoles, with each new system increasing its number.

Sony promised that something big would be revealed at CES 2020 and many fans expected the company to reveal more information about the PlayStation 5, along with announcements for other pieces of upcoming technology. The PlayStation 5 is set to be released this year, so it would make sense for Sony to open 2020 with a bang and reveal tantalizing new information about the system. Instead, all Sony revealed was a new logo for the PlayStation 5, which looked exactly like everyone expected to, with the letters P, S, and the number 5 in a row.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

A lot of people have been poking fun at the simplicity of the PlayStation 5 logo, as well as the big build-up to its reveal, but it seems that the fans are impressed, as the image of the logo on the PlayStation Instagram page has garnered over five million likes. According to the Video Games Chroniclethe image of the PlayStation 5 logo is the most-liked photo uploaded by any games company on Instagram, beating out an image announcing a crossover between Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame from 2019.

The image of the logo currently has almost one hundred and forty thousand comments to date, some of which are complimentary and some that are making jokes about other fans getting hyped up for such a basic logo. The PlayStation fans are currently rabid for more information about the system, especially with leaks showing off the PlayStation 5 controller making the rounds, so it’s not surprising that fans are getting excited about something as simple as the logo.

The PlayStation 5 is due to be released in the holiday 2020 season and Sony will have to start promoting the console soon, especially now that Microsoft has taken the initiative with the Xbox Series X. The reveal of the logo might seem insignificant to many fans, but it’s a declaration that Sony is sticking to its roots, which is something that has helped the PlayStationbrand become the biggest name in the home console market.

The PlayStation 5 is due to be released during the 2020 holiday season.


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