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The Samsung Galaxy S11+ may be close to launch with new certification

The Chinese telecomms regulator 3C has just cleared a phone called the Samsung SM-G9880. This phone is currently thought to be the Galaxy S11+, a potential 2020 ultra-flagship phone. If so, it will ship with a 25W charger and support 5G.

It’s nearly 2020, which means it’s traditionally time to start thinking about next-gen Samsung flagship phones in earnest. They are projected to be called the Galaxy S11 series, and, like its predecessors, comprise of base‘budget’ and ‘plus’ models. The latest leak on this subject suggests that the latter has passed through 3C testing in China, suggesting that its debut is seriously gathering steam at this point.

This new rumor is based on this device’s model number (SM-G9880) and its similarity to another thought to be associated with the Galaxy S11e (SM-G9810). These phones’ respective 3C certifications suggest that they have some specs in common. They will both come with the same charging brick, the Samsung EP-TA800, which is capable of a top charging rate of 25 watts (W).

This limit may come across as disappointing to some who may hope the Galaxy S11+ may support an improved standard compared to those of the S10s, particularly as this phone is also linked to a 5000mAh battery that could take ages to charge at standard speeds. However, it is still possible that the Plus variant will end up compatible with fast-charging bricks that the OEM sells separately.

The “Galaxy S11e” and “Galaxy S11+” devices certified in China also have something else in common: 5G support. This suggests that both kinds of Samsung flagship will have variants with this connectivity, or may come with it by default.

The "Galaxy S11+" on the 3C website. (Source: 3C)
The “Galaxy S11+” on the 3C website. (Source: 3C)


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