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This 15TB Samsung super SSD is now surprisingly affordable

Five years is a very long time in technology, but it’s been that long since since Samsung unveiled its ground-breaking PM1643a SSD range, with a 15.36TB capacity.

Since then, the average price of this capacity model has fallen steadily but dropped like a lead ball more recently, as shown by the Nimbus Data ExaDrive NL.

You can now buy the drive for a mere $2,395.91 from Amazon, which is far cheaper than the $2,900 the 16TB Nimbus model.

At just under $156 per TB, Samsung’s drive is less than twice the average price of entry level, consumer-grade SSDs, making this a very enticing deal for those looking to consolidate, say, a dozen of 1TB SSDs.

But this drive is a different beast altogether; it doesn’t use the usual SATA connector, opting instead for the enterprise-grade SAS interface.

Samsung claims the PM1643 MZILT15THMLA-00007 can reach random read/write speeds of up to 400K/50K IOPS, with sequential read/write speeds of 2.1 and 1.7GBps respectively.

Targeted at data centres, it comes with a five-year warranty with a maximum recommended one drive write per day (essentially one petabyte write per month), which is far superior to any consumer-focused drives.

It’s built using Samsung’s 3rd generation, 256-gigabit (Gb) V-NAND technology that stacks cell-arrays in 48 layers.

Note, while the drive is the standard width (2.5 inches), it’s far thicker than the usual 9.5mm.


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