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TikTok tests 60-minute video uploads to rival YouTube

With the ongoing US TikTok ban, it is yet to be concluded if the longer video feature can also threaten streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

If there is ever anything constant in any landscape, it is change. Change is the only constant factor that affects all, including the short-form video platform TikTok widely known for its 60 seconds short videos.

The Chinese-owned social media platform is looking to expand its product offering as it allows selected users to test 60-minute video uploads, in a move poised to challenge video giant YouTube.

Prior to this, TikTok increased its 60-second videos to 10 minutes for all users, and 15 minutes for some creators allowing it to join the fray of competitors like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts which offer similar upload lengths.

Now with the potential addition of hour-long uploads, they’re taking a bold step towards longer-form content. This could potentially attract creators who specialize in tutorials, vlogs, and other content formats that are popular on YouTube.

However, TikTok faces an uphill battle. While the platform leads in watch time per user with adults spending an average of 55 minutes on the platform compared to YouTube’s 50 minutes, its overall user base in the US remains lower. Statistics show that 80% of US adults use YouTube, compared to just 33% on TikTok. In the young category (18- to 29 years) the short-form video platform records 62% of users while 93% of users in the same age bracket use YouTube.

It is unclear which locations have received the update and when more people will get access to it. The company stated in a report it has no imminent plans to push out the 60-minute upload capability to consumers worldwide.

The potential impact on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in the US remains uncertain, particularly considering the ongoing TikTok ban discussions.


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