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Tizeti to host global tech leaders, and startups at NeXTGEN tech conference

West Africa’s pioneer solar-based internet service provider, Tizeti, is set to host technology enthusiasts, IT innovators, startup executives, corporate business leaders, and digital thought leaders at the second edition of its futuristic Tizeti NeXTGEN conference themed “The Next Frontier”.

Tizeti’s NeXTGEN conference, which coincides with its 10th anniversary, will feature an exciting array of speakers, over 500 physical and virtual attendees and conversations on Africa’s digital environment, highlighting the role of digital transformation in empowering more Nigerians, stimulating economic activity, and providing a foundation for a robust and thriving ecosystem to enable digital leadership for Africa in, the 4.0 world.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Tizeti’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kendall Ananyi said Tizeti’s NeXTGEN conference will announce new digital innovations and products, explore new partnerships, and articulate strategies to accelerate Africa’s digitization. According to him, the edition’s theme, ‘The Next Frontier’ reflects the company’s belief that the next source of digital growth in Africa, given the continent’s market of over 1 billion people, its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the flurry of initiatives and investments launched to connect Africans to the internet.

“This NeXTGEN conference is particularly memorable for us because it’s our second event and coincides with our 10th anniversary. In 10 years, Nigeria has done significantly well in the tech space by attracting over $4b investments, building global brands, and emerging as the unicorn capital of Africa, all these with less than 40% internet penetration. With more connected states, improved broadband access, and strategic partnerships, Nigeria and Africa can accelerate tech development, empower more people, stimulate the economy, and widen the broadband envelope in Africa”, Ananyi said.

Ananyi notes that the technology conference will feature product launches on Tizeti’s plans around Next Generation Unlimited Wi-Fi and Customer Service, and expanding access to unlimited internet in Africa.

Tizeti’s NeXTGEN, which will hold on August 5, 2022, will provide an opportunity for stakeholders in African telecommunications, technology, and business communities to share their ambitions for Africa’s next frontier, while networking, discovering new opportunities and discussing breakthrough trends in the global and African telecoms and technology ecosystem.

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