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Twitter Blue relaunched $8 a month and $11 on iOS

Twitter has relaunched its Twitter Blue paid service, it costs $8 a month if you sign up on the web and $11 if you sign up through Apple’s iOS.

So basically Twitter will charge you $3 more a month if you sign up to Twitter Blue through Apple’s iOS, which we presume is to cover Apple’s 30 percent app store fees.

If you sign up for the new paid Twitter account, you will get a blue check mark next to your name, this will now be available once your account has been verified.

The service was launched previously but then Twitter had to pull it as it appeared that fake accounts were set up as there was no approval process previously. Now each account will have to be verified before you receive the blue tick next to your name.

It will be interesting to see if the new paid subscription model for Twitter becomes popular, it could end up increasing the company’s revenue significantly if they can convert enough users to paid subscribers.

Elon Musk has made a number of changes at Twitter since he took over the company, whether this latest one with be popular with users remains to be seen.

Source Geeky

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