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What size of Apple Watch is going to look best on your wrist? With this cheesy hack, you can get a better idea.

After the Apple Watch event Monday, the No. 1 question I keep getting asked is: What size should I get? To which my reply has been, “I have no idea.” The truth is, until you physically try the 38mm and 42mm watch housings on your wrist, you’re not going to know.

Apple provided a life-size photo within the Apple Store app for iOS; it gives you a good idea of the screen size, but it doesn’t even come close when trying to figure out how it will look on your arm.

Naturally, it didn’t take the Apple enthusiasts to come up with a workaround; and it couldn’t be simpler.

As covered by The Loop, Kirk McElhearn took screenshots of the two different sizes and created a PDF containing the shots. As long as you print out the document at its original size (so, 100 percent in your printer settings) you have a true-to-scale replica of the two watch sizes.

You’re free to cut them out, tape them on your wrist, glue the cutout atop an old watch or whatever floats your boat. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than trying to tape your iPhone to your wrist.



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