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WhatsApp users can be duped by fraudsters with QR code

We all are regular users of WhatsApp.  The world-famous messaging app can now make us susceptible to attempts by cyber criminals.

Online advertisers, especially, are prone to be defrauded by fraudsters.  For example, Mr. X advertizes about selling his laptop.  The cyber criminal will send a message on his WhatsApp number mentioned in the ad, showing interest in his product.  After the negotiation is over, he or she will ask for bank account details so that money can be sent.

The fraudster will then send Mr. X a QR code, asking him to accept it.  This is not for receiving money, but is a payment request.  The victim literally gives permission to his bank to make payments to the cyber criminal without his knowledge.  The money will get deducted once the criminal enters the PIN.


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