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Xiaomi 12 Ultra: The flagship phone’s rumored massive round camera hump is back in new renders

The prospect of Xiaomi launching a 12 Ultra has become increasingly strongly endorsed on the leak circuit as of late. It is said to do so with a new rear-panel-dominating circular module. This feature may have been captured in case renders that have leaked out ahead of their release. They come with a few alleged camera specs for the super-flagship phone.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra had an extra-large camera hump, although this feature partially served to house its secondary display as well as its main shooters. Its alleged successor, the 12 Ultra, is also slated to have a module of at least the same size, although it may not contain a screen this time.

In fact, the upcoming Xiaomi 12-series flagship has been rendered as a phone with an extremely large “matrix ring”-style camera hump, slated to house up to 5 rear cameras. Therefore, making a case for this design could prove less than fun, as suggested in an earlier leak.

Now, more cases for the same “12 Ultra” have emerged, although it could be said that they have been presented in a much more professional and slick manner this time. They hint that the manufacturer in question (“Mocolo”?) has decided not to bother with cut-outs for the individual lenses this time, and will just let the extra-sized circle peep out through the round window left for it instead.

These possibly market-ready images (which apparently point to 3 colorways in the upcoming super-premium model) have been posted to Weibo by a user called Machine Wang Tengxiao, and are corroborated in part by the leaker Ice Universe. The former claims to have heard that the matrix-ring’s cameras are particularly powerful, with one being a periscope zoom lens.

The latter asserts that the Ultra will be an “IMX 8-series giant”, which, if true, might mean that one of Sony’s latest and most cutting-edge image sensors could debut along with Xiaomi’s upcoming premium phablet.

More new renders of the Xiaomi "12 Ultra" in a case. (Source:  Machine Wang Tengxiao,  Ice Universe via Weibo)
More new renders of the Xiaomi “12 Ultra” in a case. (Source: Machine Wang Tengxiao, Ice Universe via Weibo)


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