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Xiaomi smart bracelets and watches can do more. Xiaomi Wear app has become completely different



Xiaomi Wear 2.0 for Android gets new features and becomes more convenient

Xiaomi has released a fundamentally new version of the Xiaomi Wear app, designed to work with smart bracelets, watches and other wearable electronics with fitness functions.

Xiaomi Wear app
Xiaomi Wear app

Xiaomi smart bracelets and watches can do more. Xiaomi Wear app has become completely different

Xiaomi Wear 2.0 for Android has a new user avatar that changes information and status in real time to make it easier to track various parameters. Also, the procedure for starting any activity in the application “anytime and anywhere” has been greatly simplified. In addition, it claims “professional” data management, instant viewing of fitness information on the home page, and so on.

The start page now displays a wealth of useful information, including steps taken, calories burned, exercise, sleep information and the like.

In addition, you can change data sources, making it easier to get information from different devices. The app can automatically receive heart rate parameters from Xiaomi Mi band 5 and Band 5 NFC when they are connected. Support for other devices will follow at a later date.

At the moment, Xiaomi Wear 2.0 is only available for Android users in China. For iOS, a similar update should be released in the near future. A separate health page has appeared for tracking small healthy habits, programs and courses in one click.


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