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You can decide what happens to your Facebook Account after you Pass Away!

Have you ever thought of what will happen to your Facebook Account after you pass away?

Interestingly, Facebook already made a provision for something that we can call your Facebook next of kin. Are you aware? It is called Facebook Legacy Contact.

What is a legacy contact?

A legacy contact is someone you choose to manage your account after you pass away. They’ll be able to do things like pin a post on your Timeline, respond to new friend requests, and update your profile picture. They won’t post as you or see your messages.

facebook legacy

To Access the settings for your Legacy Contact, click on the small arrow icon on the top right of your facebook profile, click on settings On the left tab, click on Security, scroll down and you will see the option of Legacy Contact.   Tip: I don’t have to mention that you should choose someone you really trust like a next of kin, Do I?

Your account will be memorialized once facebook has been notified of your Passing away. Your legacy contact will look after your account after it is memorialized. Once your account is memorialized, your legacy contact will have the option to do things like:

  • Write a pinned post for your profile (ex: to share a final message on your behalf or provide information about a memorial service)
  • Respond to new friend requests (ex: old friends or family members who weren’t yet on Facebook)
  • Update your profile picture and cover photo

You also have the option to allow your legacy contact to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook, and we may add additional capabilities for legacy contacts in the future.

Your legacy contact can’t:

  • Log into your account
  • Remove or change past posts, photos and other things shared on your Timeline
  • Read messages you’ve sent to other friends
  • Remove any of your friends

Note: You must be 18 or older to select a legacy contact.

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