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CrunchLabs launches Hack Pack subscription to make robotics accessible to all

CrunchLabs, which makes an educational toy subscription box for kids, is announcing its newest experience called Hack Pack to make robotics accessible to all.

Now available, this robot-in-a-box subscription makes coding accessible for adults and teens alike. Each subscription purchase will also offer a chance to win college tuition for aspiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students, emphasizing CrunchLabs’ dedication to furthering education for the next generation of engineers.

The Hack Pack subscription box guides anyone, from those new to coding to master hackers, into the world of Mechatronics where robotics and coding meet. Hack Pack is basically a robot-in-a-box.

“What makes HackPack different is it’s made for teenagers and adults,” said Mark Rober, former NASA engineer and YouTube personality, in a statement. “The same formula that has worked on CrunchLabs’ BuildBox to get kids stoked on science while having tons of fun learning all about building and engineering is now being unleashed on their parents and older siblings. Even if you’ve never coded or built anything before, our goal is to take you from wherever you’re currently at and level you up by making learning incredibly fun. That’s the real magic of Hack Pack.”

Hack Pack subscriptions are available now for $399.95. That’s $79.95 per box, with one free box.

The yearlong subscription includes a bi-monthly box delivered with exclusive content that is shipped directly to your door. Each experience includes specialized Rober videos, materials and project components, a booklet with picture-based instructions, STEM concept explanations, activities and challenges that take the toy to the next level, and a gear badge that celebrates a featured STEM principle.

You can find more information on Hack Pack and shipping dates on Supplies are limited for this first installment so you can sign up for email and text alerts to be the first to know when the next drop will happen.

“We always wanted to teach toys to think! Instead of being boring and complicated, robots should be rad,” said Dan Tompkins, senior product designer for Hack Pack, in a statement. “Since robots use sensors to understand the world around them, this means that what they do with that knowledge is malleable and easy to change, think: teaching your robot by hacking its computer brain. Coding is so cool because you can see your ideas take effect immediately and with Hack Pack, that process is totally plug and play.”

CrunchLabs creates each original, buildable engineering toy, hackable robot, and every science-packed video from scratch. The goal is to show kids and kids-at-heart how to think like an engineer.

$80,000 pledge

Alongside the launch, CrunchLabs is offering one lucky student a chance to win $80,000 for college.

The Platinum Diploma Sweepstakes is open to anyone signed up for Hack Pack. There is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes.

Since its inception in 2022, CrunchLabs has been dedicated to providing educational STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) products for kids.

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