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Advanced custom CMOS image sensor development

Specialised Imaging Ltd announces SI Sensors, a new division dedicated to advanced CMOS image sensor development. With a team of specialists, SI Sensors creates custom designs with cutting-edge performance. Their expertise spans visible and non-visible imaging technologies, optimised light detection, charge transfer, and radiation-hard sensor design. Additionally, they pioneer novel imaging techniques such as ultra-fast burst mode imaging, utilising CCD-in-CMOS pixels.

Philip Brown, SI Sensors’ General Manager, highlighted their commitment to diverse sectors, including space and defence. Beyond developing sensors for Specialised Imaging’s ultra-fast cameras, they tailor solutions for unique design requirements. This includes bespoke sensor packages accommodating custom electrical, mechanical, and thermal interfaces.

Their goal is to strike the optimal balance between sensor performance and cost, ensuring value for customers. Rigorous electro-optical testing, adhering to industry standards like EMVA 1288, guarantees consistent quality and reliability throughout production.

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