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Google Play Now Lets You Download Two Apps at the Same Time

Android users can now download two apps simultaneously on the Google Play Store.

Remember how you have always wanted to download more than one app simultaneously on the Google Play Store so that you could have everything in one go?

Well, developers at Google have taken note and have now decided to work on an update that will let you download two apps simultaneously. This, however, isn’t the first time that Google has considered this. According to Android Police, the tech giant has been working on it since 2019 but couldn’t follow through with it until now.

The new update will be available on the Google Play Store version 40.0.13 and will be rolled out to approximately 3.6 billion Android users globally, per data obtained from AppMySite. Some users have confirmed that the update has started appearing on their Android devices, especially those with Google Pixel smartphones.

You can check if this new capability is available on your Android phone by downloading two or more large-sized apps at the same time and ensuring that the apps appear on your home screen.

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