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LinkedIn Launches Games to Enhance User Engagement

To increase user engagement and enhance connections among its network of professionals, LinkedIn is launching three new thinking-oriented games: Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint.

These games can be accessed via the News module on LinkedIn’s homepage or through the MyNetwork tab on the app.

Each game, inspired by logic, trivia, and word association, presents users with daily challenges that stimulate problem-solving skills and encourage friendly competition.Queens, similar to Sudoku, challenges players to arrange crowns in non-overlapping patterns within a time limit. Crossclimb, described as a trivia game, tasks players with forming words that fit on a grid with clues that evolve from one word to another. Lastly, Pinpoint requires players to identify connections between words with minimal reveals.

LinkedIn hopes these games will provide a casual way for users to connect and build relationships on the platform beyond professional networking. “We want to give people a way to exercise their brains while taking a quick break, but also give people a reason to connect with others,” said Dan Roth, VP and editor-in-chief of LinkedIn News.

In an effort to maintain productivity and avoid distractions, each game can only be played once a day, aligning with LinkedIn’s focus on providing brief, contained experiences. Laura Lorenzetti, executive editor for LinkedIn in North America, highlighted that these games are intended to be a short, enjoyable break without compromising work efficiency.

Games have proven to be a great tool for enhancing engagement on social platforms, and LinkedIn aims to leverage this to facilitate deeper connections among its diverse user base.

As the games gain traction, LinkedIn plans to continue refining its gaming experience and exploring new ways to integrate interactive elements into its platform.

LinkedIn is embracing the synergy between gaming, knowledge sharing, and professional networking to enrich user experiences and promote collaboration among professionals worldwide.

While LinkedIn isn’t the first social media platform to incorporate games, it’s a strategy that has had mixed results for others. Facebook, for example, shut down its standalone gaming app in 2022 due to declining usage. Despite the uncertain success of social media gaming, LinkedIn hopes these new features will encourage users to spend more time on the platform and engage with content beyond just job searching

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