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ChatGPT users experience downtime… again

If you are having issues accessing ChatGPT, you are not alone.

Reports from OpenAI and other sources have confirmed that it is not an isolated issue.

Several users from across the globe have complained  and reported  that they are not able to use the chatbot  on Wednesday 10th of April.

According to OpenAI’s status page,  the outage started at 11 am PST (6:00pm GMT).

Data provided by online outage detector Downdetector showed over 4000 users reporting issues with ChatGPT on their website.

By 12:30pm PST (7:30pm GMT), over 86% of ChatGPT users have reported having difficulty accessing the chatbot.

OpenAI began investigating the issues  from around 11:00 a.m. PST on Wednesday into the afternoon and at 1:10 p.m (8:30pm GMT) there was still no solution in sight.

The company confirmed that some users were receiving unexpected error messages.

Finally at 1:39pm, (8:39pm GMT) OpenAI shared an update saying:

“We have identified the source of the elevated errors in ChatGPT and are working through a fix at this time.”

Reports say that OpenAI issued a fix for an issue “impacting vision models on ChatGPT” and in the company’s API earlier today.

There are speculations that  the fix may have had an unintended impact on the chatbot, since  the elevated errors in ChatGPT started right after the fix was deployed.

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