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WhatsApp, having introduced its ephemeral status update feature inspired by Instagram stories, is now testing functionalities to increase user engagement with this feature. WABetaInfo, a platform known for tracking WhatsApp developments, discovered evidence within the Android beta version suggesting the testing of status update notifications.


This development encompasses two potential notification avenues. Firstly, WhatsApp is exploring the ability to directly notify users when they are mentioned within a contact’s status update. This targeted notification system aims to ensure users are aware of updates directly relevant to them, fostering a more interactive experience.

Secondly, WhatsApp might leverage user interaction patterns to trigger notifications. The platform could prioritize notifying users about unseen status updates from their most frequently contacted individuals, potentially those saved as favorites. This approach personalizes the notification experience, maximizing the likelihood of users viewing updates they care about.

While the exact rollout timeframe remains undisclosed, estimates suggest the feature’s availability to the general public sometime in 2024. The introduction of status update notifications signifies WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing its status feature. Potentially aiming to compete more effectively with similar features offered by other social media platforms.

So, it will be interesting to observe how users react to these notification prompts. While some might appreciate staying informed about updates from close contacts, others might find them intrusive. The customizability of these notifications, if offered, will likely be a crucial factor in user reception. Additionally, there’s a potential for notification overload. Particularly for users with a large number of contacts who frequently post status updates. Striking a balance between informing users and overwhelming them will be essential for WhatsApp’s success with this new feature.

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