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Apple wants Google Gemini to Power iPhone AI Features

Apple Inc. is currently engaged in discussions with Alphabet Inc.’s Google to integrate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone,

According to reports, this potential agreement, if finalized, would mark a significant development in the AI industry.

The negotiations between the two tech giants involve Apple licensing Gemini, Google’s suite of generative AI models, to power upcoming features within the iPhone software slated for release in 2024. Also Apple has also explored the possibility of collaborating with OpenAI for a similar deal.

If Apple and Google reach an agreement, it would further extend their existing search partnership. Google has long been paying Apple substantial sums to feature its search engine as the default option on Safari web browsers across Apple devices.

However, specifics regarding the terms, branding, and implementation of the potential AI agreement remain undecided.

While discussions are ongoing, Alphabet’s shares experienced a 4.5% increase in premarket trading, signaling investor optimism regarding the potential collaboration.

Still, a finalized deal could attract regulatory scrutiny, especially due to ongoing antitrust investigations into the Apple-Google search arrangement.

What you should know

Apple’s pursuit of external AI capabilities shows its focus on enhancing user experience and innovation within its ecosystem. By leveraging Gemini or similar AI technologies, Apple aims to introduce advanced features into its products, including Siri and other applications, while continuing to develop its in-house AI models.

As negotiations continue, the tech industry awaits further developments, with potential announcements expected around Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

The outcome of these discussions could significantly impact the future landscape of AI integration within Apple’s devices and services.


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