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Microsoft Simplifies App Downloads from the Web with New Installers

Microsoft is making it easier to download and install apps from the Microsoft Store on the web. 

Microsoft has introduced a new method that simplifies the process with standalone installers.

Previously, installing apps involved multiple clicks: clicking “install” on the website, confirming a dialogue, and clicking “install” again in the Microsoft Store’s mini-window.

Microsoft Simplifies App Downloads from the Web with New Installers
Previous download method — Source: X/Rudy Huyn

This multi-step process was designed to prevent malicious scripts from automatically installing apps. However, user feedback indicated it was cumbersome.

Microsoft’s solution is a simplified installer downloaded directly from the web. This installer functions similarly to the main Microsoft Store app, managing downloads and installations.

Microsoft Simplifies App Downloads from the Web with New Installers
New download method — Source: X/Rudy Huyn

The new standalone installers bring a commendable improvement in user experience. These lightweight installers launch quickly and require just two clicks to get an app running, compared to the previous multi-step process.

They are always up-to-date with the latest features and compatible with all products, even if the main Microsoft Store app itself hasn’t been updated recently.

Finally, these installers provide increased reliability – they work even if the Microsoft Store app is removed and can handle multiple installations running at the same time.

The company conducted a five-month experiment with this new method, and the results are promising. Users participating in the experiment saw a 12% increase in app installations and a 54% increase in the number of apps launched after installation.

Microsoft is expanding this new installer system to more products and markets, with further improvements planned. Developers can expect to see increased app downloads and user engagement with this installation process.

While the tech giant claims a two-click process, some users report it still involves three clicks — download, open installer, and confirm installation. Additionally, not all apps currently support the standalone installer method.

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