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Western Digital expands portfolio with 8TB drive

Western Digital Corporation has expanded its portfolio with the new eight terabytes SanDisk desk drive.
This is coming against the backdrop of the increasing demands for robust storage solutions capable of handling the burgeoning production of digital content.
This is the company’s highest capacity on an external desktop Solid State Drive, SSD.
Featuring the speed and reliability of an SSD, the company noted that this new class of drives gives content creators and business professionals an easy way to back up and access their high-resolution photos, videos and files quickly in a single, convenient location.
Commenting on the development, Vice President, Consumer Solutions, Western Digital, Susan Park, stated that, there are a growing number of digital creators generating massive amounts of content who need flexible high-capacity storage solutions to do more, faster.
She said: “As digital content creation continues to soar, there is an increasing need for highperforming and high-capacity storage solutions to help manage and preserve it.
“Expanding our SSD portfolio is the first step in offering creators backup solutions that deliver the speed and flexibility they need to unlock their creativity.
”By next year, we expect to double the capacity of the SanDisk Desk Drive from eight terabytes to 16 terabytes on a single desktop SSD.”
The company stated the 4TB model is priced at $379.99, and the 8TB model at $699.99.
“The drive key features include four and eight terabytes capacities for photo and video collections, CAD files or three dimension renders, large artificial intelligence generated files, music libraries, important documents, amongst others.
“The device performance includes faster content access, for even the heaviest files with quick backup photos, videos, and files with SSD speeds using Apple Time Machine.
“It is compatible with Windows or Mac operating system out of the box. The device is available now for purchase at the Western digital store and authorized SanDisk retailers, e-tailers, and distributors,” she added.
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