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The Future2 weeks ago

These 3 Computing Technologies Will Beat Moore’s Law

There’s a big lie about disruption going around. And folks aren’t spreading it intentionally. Many smart investors I talk to...

The Future2 weeks ago

NVIDIA’s Accelerated Computing Platform To Power Japan’s Fastest AI Supercomputer

Tokyo Tech is in the process of building its next-generation TSUBAME supercomputer featuring NVIDIA GPU technology and the company’s Accelerated Computing Platform....

The Future2 weeks ago

When 5G is here, a wireless supercomputer will follow you around

Next-generation tech like self-driving cars and augmented reality will need huge amounts of computing power. AT&T (T) on Tuesday detailed its plan...

The Future2 months ago

Moto Mods aren’t dead yet, if this Moto Z4 leak is to be believed

Motorola’s Moto Z4 phone has leaked, and while it isn’t much of a surprise that the company would make a...

The Future3 months ago

Here is the world’s first robotics museum–built by robots, of course The first exhibition of Seoul’s Robot Museum will be the robots building the museum itself.

Seoul wants to have the world’s very first museum dedicated to robotic science. And the city authorities have decided on...

Hardwares3 months ago

Smartphones are getting weird again, and it could be a sign that the industry is on the brink of another huge change

In recent years, new smartphones from companies like Apple and Samsung have seemed like iterative improvements rather than game-changing releases....


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