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Twitter’s New Mute Button For iOS and Android Will Help You Mute Annoying Tweets From Users Written by: Vivek Chhetri Published: Monday, May 5, 2014, 14:03 [IST] Ads by Google Promote Your Website Reach More Customers With AdWords Claim your £75 offer now For sure every Twitter or Facebook user has that one person on their friend-list that annoys the most with his or her infinitesimal and unwanted tweets or posts. Facebook came to rescue the decent users by coming up with a small button called ‘unfollow’ and surely it does help a lot in a lot of diffent levels. Now following the same pattern, Twitter has come up with a similar feature that will help you get rid of those futile and trivial tweets. ADVERTISEMENT Twitter’s New Mute Button For iOS and Android Will Mute Annoying Users According to the latest reports which are being sprining up in the internet world recently, users are beginning to see a “mute” button on their Android and iOS Twitter apps. As said earlier, the button allows users to follow others without actually seeing their tweets or retweets on your feed. And this is not similar to ‘unfollow’ feature in Facebook. Recommended: Top 40 Handsets Launched in April 2014 in India In Twitter when you mute a user, you can still send and receive direct messages with that user, as well as notifications through tagging. You will however, get the option to ‘unmute’ the muted if you find the user important, anytime. Recommended: 6 Latest and Best Android KitKat Flavored Handsets To Buy in India Right Now Mute buttons, though new to the first party Twitter app, can already be found in numerous third party apps such as Tweetdeck and Tweetbot. Facebook also uses similar methods, letting users unfollow certain others, removing their posts from the news feed. The company’s latest move targeted towards bringing more comfortable features will surely impress more users.


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