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Amazfit begins testing new blood pressure measurement tool for smartwatches

Some users of the Amazfit Balance smartwatch have reported that a new blood pressure measuring tool is being tested in select countries. The feature, which provides readings for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, the wearable is not medically certified.
Polly Allcock, Published 
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Amazfit has quietly released a new blood pressure feature for the Balance smartwatch. YouTube user @petersoncpxb demonstrated the tool in a recent video (below). As with other health-tracking features, the feature is found in a new app on the watch. When you open the app, you are shown your last blood pressure measurement and a note of the date and time it was taken.

On initiating a new blood pressure reading, a message asks you to ensure the wristband on your Balance watch is tight, and a disclaimer reminds you that this is not a medically certified device. The measurement is taken over thirty seconds, with messages prompting you to place your arm flat on the table and keep still. Users are then presented with their systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements and their current heart rate. It appears that a log of historical data is also viewable in the app.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it has been suggested that the Amazfit tool requires calibration with a blood pressure cuff and regular sensor recalibration is recommended. According to Reddit users, Amazfit is currently testing this feature with users in China, Malaysia and Brazil. It is unclear when the company will officially roll out the blood pressure checking tool to all Amazfit Balance smartwatches.
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