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Factors Responsible For Mobile App Success



Over the years, ‘mobile apps have evolved tremendously globally’ where apps have been shaping our daily lives since its arrival. Therefore, there is no doubt that they are remodeling our daily tasks, as well as helping us develop a vast network of professionals or innovators. Thus, with the competitive landscape, all businesses are beginning to benefit from mobile applications and are developing their mobile apps to stand tall among competitors, even according to a recent survey by, 81 % CEOs confirms that mobility plays their crucial role in making decisions. Therefore, determining a partner with a mobile app development company is the best option to develop a mobile app for reaching the goal.

Below we will discuss the ways of making the mobile app a success:

Market Research:

Start your research with people’s issues and choose the one that you can solve. Therefore, to find data, your idea is to solve the problem of society. Google trends will help you to search for a few percent of people for a similar period. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that seeks to help you find volume data. Therefore, based on your research data, ‘you can make your mobile app better than you expect because it is all about your development, design, and marketing that depends on your research.

Competitive analysis:

Since there are many apps in the Play Store or iOS App Store, it is most vital that you do a competitive analysis of the existing marketplace because the competitive analysis is an analysis of the current app, which is similar to what you expect to launch. Therefore, the competitive web offers its reviews, and its unique offering is some essential points, which you have to consider when doing competitive analysis. Furthermore, the main objective is to introduce a new hardened mobile app to the audience, which will keep them connected to your app.


More than 61% of end-users will not give mobile applications a second chance ‘if they encounter a bad experience first. Therefore, many fluctuating development journeys where your mobile app is handling an increasing number of customers or users, so it has become essential to check its scalability. Prioritizing scalability will help you increase activity and reduce maintenance costs, as well as enables you to enhance the user experience.


Mobile app design is another critical factor for the success of mobile app development in the market. Therefore, a mobile app builder should focus on multi-touch gestures, a user interface for touch-enabled devices, as well as a platform design standard for them. Accordingly, place more importance on the UI design of the app, as it plays a vital role in the success of the mobile app. However, designing mobile applications is becoming popular as it is creating an immediate impact on users while simultaneously ensuring the usability of the mobile app.


Lack of quality assurance can make the end-user to uninstall the app after downloading it, according to the survey, with 44% of end-users removing the app, such as freezing, crashes, or battery charging, after experiencing such problems as withdrawal. Therefore, it is very important whether you test your application to find flaws. Therefore, your mobile application development teams should be aware of test quality by giving different speeds for proper use of regional style.


Measuring usability is the most important aspect to ensure that your mobile app is ideal and has sufficient speed and security to provide a user profile. Therefore, you have to cleverly use tools that can be in the feedback form for qualitative analysis and ensure the applicability of the mobile app. Thus, qualitative analysis will help you to know your user behavior, so that you can create a process in such a way that your users can share their opinion about the specific feature of your app.

Keep innovative:

Right after capturing app-building metrics, it becomes important to upgrade your app with improvements and innovative features because, without the innovative feature, the app loses its usability in the long run. Also, it helps you increase overall visibility.

Summing up:
So, when we talk about the app’s success, you have to make sure that the audience you are targeting must connect with the app; you have to develop a mobile app that is secured, qualified, and capable to attract users towards your eStore. This will ultimately help you in increasing your customer base as well as the revenue of the business.

Panacea Infotech is the leading mobile app development company, having experience for more than 16 years. Our developers are skillful enough to deliver the mobile app as per the need and requirements of the clients.


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Editing HTML Like A Boss In VS Code




Here’s a seven minute video from Caleb Porzio that focuses on some of Emmet‘s HTML editing features. You might think of Emmet as that thing that expands abbreviations like table.stats>tr*3>td*3 into glorious, expanded, and perfect HTML. But Emmet has other HTML editing trickery up its sleeve. My favorite is “wrap with abbreviation” (which happens to be Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + A on CodePen), but there are more, like expanding your selection inward and outward and tag changing.

If you haven’t seen it, the Emmet 2 preview on CodePen is pretty neeeeat. It shows you what you’re about to expand into before you do it:

Direct Link →


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PS5 Game Install Sizes Revealed, And They’re Enormous




There was hope that the efficiency of the PlayStation 5’s super-fast SSD hard drive would reduce game file sizes, as titles wouldn’t need to duplicate data to ease read speeds. That, apparently, is not quite the case, as the minimum install requirements for a couple of PS5 launch games have been revealed – and they’re enormous.

Demon’s Souls, for example, will eat up 66GB of the next-gen system’s storage space; Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will gobble up 50GB, and if you plump up for the Ultimate Edition – which includes Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered as well – you’ll lose an eye-watering 105GB. That’s already an eighth of the device’s available 825GB.

It’s worth noting that textures will be more detailed on the PS5, so developers may well be saving space compared to PS4 titles, but using it up with higher quality assets. In the case of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered, for example, the original game with all of its DLC installed takes up approximately 75GB on the PS4, compared to roughly 55GB in its revamped form.

Still, it looks like you’re definitely going to have to juggle which games you’ve got installed – although eventually you will be able to expand the system’s storage space. You can find out more about that through the following link: Which SSD Drives Will Be Compatible with PS5?


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Best of everything in tech and gadgets we’ve seen recently




At Gadget Flow, we’re constantly scouring the online world for the best new and interesting gadgets for our readers. And we’ve come across quite a treasure trove as of late. Check out today’s roundup of the best in tech and gadgets we’ve seen recently. We have so many new favorites to tell you about.

Best of everything in tech and gadgets we’ve seen recently

Neato D Series Robotic Vacuums in Use

With IFA 2020 just ending and Apple rumors around the corner, there have been a lot of exciting new tech updates recently. We are surprised to see some really cool designs in everyday tech that will surely surprise you. From beautiful smart photo frames to robot vacuums, the designs are getting sleeker while the technology is getting even smarter.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the 15 best tech and gadgets that will make you appreciate innovation in a whole new way. It seems like we’re gearing up for a more design-inspired tech world.

Autel EVO II Pro 6K Folding Drone

First on our best of everything in tech roundup is the Autel EVO II Pro 6K Folding Drone. This impressive gadget gives you 360º obstacle avoidance and can record up to one billion colors.

Neato D Series Robotic Vacuums

Remove up to 99.97% of the allergens on your floor with the Neato D Series Robotic Vacuums. Available in three models, one will definitely have the capabilities that fit your needs, including one with LIDAR-based technology.

Meural WiFi Photo Frame Digital Picture Display

You’ll love the Meural WiFi Photo Frame Digital Picture Display. This home gadget uploads albums right from your smartphone so you can keep your memories throughout your home or office.

Amazon Halo Health and Wellness Band

Another great item on our best of everything in tech list is the Amazon Halo Health and Wellness Band. This useful device monitors your health data and even makes a digital 3D model of your body.

MSI Summit E Series Business Laptops

Increase your productivity with the MSI Summit E Series Business Laptops. Excellent for remote work, these laptops use the 11th Gen Intel processor and have an infrared camera that’s compatible with Windows Hello facial recognition.

Gigabyte Aorus 15P Portable Laptop

Professional gamers will get everything they need with the Gigabyte Aorus 15P Portable Laptop, another great item on our best of everything in tech guide. This gaming laptop gives you a 144 Hz refresh rate and boasts the Intel Core i7-10750H processor.

Gigabyte Aorus 15P portable laptop

Gigabyte Aorus 15P Portable Laptop on a Blue Background

LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb

Sanitize surfaces and kill bacteria with the LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb. This smart home gadget emits high-energy violet light to kill bacteria like E.coli. It also works with voice assistants and connects to Wi-Fi for easy scheduling.

Weekend-Works Circle Watch Aesthetic Smartwatch

Enjoy a smartwatch with an edge-to-edge screen with the Weekend-Works Circle WatchAesthetic Smartwatch. The extra-large display makes everything easy to see, and its 15º tilt makes sure you always get a good view.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone Gimbal

You’ll love the magnetic design of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Foldable Phone Gimbal. This video stabilizer is easy to use and offers gesture control.

Panasonic Cubie Steam Convection Oven Versatile Microwave

Cook a range of meals with the Panasonic Cubie Steam Convection Oven Versatile Microwave. This useful microwave helps you steam healthfully and is large enough to accommodate a sizeable amount of food.

Vue Lite Everyday Smart Glasses

You’ll be amazed at how thin and stylish the Vue Lite Everyday Smart Glasses are. Great for all-day wear, these glasses let you listen to your favorite songs, make calls, and access the internet via voice assistants.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mask

Another great device on our best of everything in tech roundup is the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mask. This mask features two H13 HEPA filters to provide you with fresh air indoors or outdoors.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mas

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mask on a Man in the City

8Bitdo TG16 2.4 Wireless Gamepad

Game completely free of lag with the 8Bitdo TG16 2.4 Wireless Gamepad. This new gadget looks a little retro, but it has all the modern capabilities you need, including 18 hours of battery life.

Blink Indoor Security Camera

The Blink Indoor Security Camera is one of our best of everything in tech items because you won’t have to change its battery for two years. It’s also wireless, which means you can keep it wherever you like.

Blink Indoor Security Camera

Blink Indoor Security Camera on a White Counter

CLMBER Pure Workout Machine

The CLMBER Pure Workout Machine boasts a cutting-edge companion app. Developed for commercial use, this workout machine gives you all the stats you need and keeps your body in the proper position throughout your workout.

Well, there you have it. These are the best of everything in tech and gadgets that we’ve seen recently. And we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us that there are a ton of exciting new things out there. Let us know your thoughts about these items in the comments.


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